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Capital Fans Focus on England

Capital Fans Focus on England
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Capital Fans Focus on England
by Jason Hill
Marketing Co-ordinator - CapitalSpace

Croydon Centre Goes Football Crazy

Capital Business Centre focused on the beautiful game today when Michael Hall, Centre Manager, took the chance to coincide his customer summer event with the all important Euro 2016 group matches.

The building definitely had a "football's coming home feeling" when the meeting rooms were dressed in white, red and green to sport the St.Georges Cross being pitted against the Welsh Dragon.

"Any sporting event is a crowd pleaser" said Michael "especially football; and it's great that we are able to get people together in the centre for both professional events and more social ones like today - it really highlights the community feel we have here in Croydon and it gave us all a chance to support our national team together".

The centre staff laid on complimentary drinks and a buffet for those customers attending, which was well received by all - "It's events like this that make working at Capital Business Centre great" says Stuart Phillips, MD of REC Ltd - "Michael and the team are always thinking of ways to get the customers here together - which is great for networking and also for the general feel of the centre as a whole - its much appreciated. My whole staff team really enjoyed it."

With 48 people looking on, they raised the roof for the 2-1 win for England. When asked if Michael would look to put the other England games on, he noted "That's a tough one - not because of the difficulty in organising the event, but with the winning goal only coming in the 91st minute, I don't think my nerves could take it!"

We know how you feel Michael!