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Capital Business Centre

22 Carlton Road, South Croydon CR2 0BS . Call us on 020 8916 2000

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Capital Business Centre continues unit refresh

Capital Business Centre continues unit refresh
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Capital Business Centre continues unit refresh
by Jason Hill
Marketing Co-ordinator - CapitalSpace

Croydon make-over continues.

The upkeep of centre units is an ongoing process and something that is always in the forefront of a Centre Managers mind. This is no exception for Michael Hall, Centre Manager of Capital Business Centre in Croydon. 

"Its surprising how much usage the centre as a whole sees" say Michael - "with over 400 employees coming to the site on a daily basis we have to be mindful of wear and tear. While this is always going to be ongoing, we do what we can to keep various projects on the go that keep up the standards of the centre as a whole".

Building 1 at Capital Business Centre is one of these projects and this has recently seen its ongoing refurbishment programme continue recently with the repainting of the facades, to the completion of the refurbishment of the onsite shower facilities and the replacement of all the corridor carpets - and this refurbishment, along with the creation of an extra 5 car parking spaces outside the unit has been greeted positively - "Its always satisfying when you complete maintenance works on both the inside and outside of the units as the feedback received from customers is always extremely positive, and shows that we do have an ongoing proactive approach to the upkeep of the centre".

Strictly Education commented "The ongoing works to the building look really good" which is seen by the centre team as a positive response to the work the team are doing to keep standards high.

The next stages of the ongoing refresh of the centre are already underway - and I'm sure these too will be welcome additions to the centre.