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The communication services, known as Capital Connect, have been developed over many years, with the aim of providing a communication solution fit for business users and creating a high quality business service.

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Internet Access with Peace of Mind


We provide internet access with a full failover to ensure the most reliable system is always available to you. There are no fees for connection or disconnection and no long term contract. There is no limit to the amount of data you can transmit or receive.

The latest technology is made available to you to get you connected and trading with the least amount of effort.

All offices and studios are equipped with a Cat5e structured cabling scheme, which terminates in a wall rack within the unit and can be used for the telephones as well as customer PC’s and printers giving customers total autonomy and security over their equipment and services.


Cost Effective Service


We pride ourselves on the communication and flexibility we have with our customers. We use high quality, reliable and resilient products with pricing designed to be up front and open charging you only for what you use and keeping you informed to enable you to understand manage your usage.

START UP COSTS: (applies to monthly cost for first 12 months’ usage)

Based on £15 per 75 sqft of unit space (min £35) 


First Year : Until we can learn how much you use you are making of the internet, we charge a fixed price based on the size of your unit. During this time we will provide you with a monthly statement detailing the volume of data transmitted and received.

Subsequent Years : At each anniversary the cost of the internet use will be set for a further twelve months having regard to your established pattern of use


Current Band Pricing

Band Cost/GB Usage (GB) price/mth Band Cost/GB Usage (GB) price/mth Band Cost/BG Usage (GB) price/mth
A £3.50 up to 10 £35 F £0.90 101 - 150 £135 K £0.60 401 - 500 £300
B £2.00 11 - 25 £50 G £0.78 151 - 200 £155 L £0.57 501 - 750 £425
C £1.50 26 - 50 £75 H £0.70 201 - 250 £175 M £0.55 750+ £550
D £1.33 51 - 75 £100 I £0.65 251 - 300 £195
E £1.25 76 - 100 £125 J £0.63 301 - 400 £250
EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS FOR VPN £7.50 per address per month 
FIXED BANDWIDTH This is our version of a leased line. It is exclusively for your use and can be tailored to your specific requirements. There is no set up fee, no disconnect fee and no long term contract. More details are available from reception.

* Fair use policy applies



  • No set up costs
  • No cost for changes
  • No cost for moving within the site
  • No installation costs
  • No capital equipment costs
  • No long term contracts 


The Internet service at all sites is provided by BT, using Leased Line technology, over fibre optic cables. The speed of the Internet varies from site to site albeit the up and down speeds are the same. All lines are routed over a minimum of 100mbit/s bearer circuits, ensuring a quick upgrade as the bandwidth increases. At the majority of sites, a failover line has been installed which is identical to the primary and routed from a different BT exchange over a totally diverse connection. In the event of a failure, the switch over to the failover line is totally automatic within 45 seconds