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LR Financial Services Ltd

Gary Keeley, LR Financial Services: Added - Aug 2018.

Sharon, the business centre manager, was really helpful and came up with a really good payment plan for us to move in and be able to fulfil the plans we are hoping to achieve. 

People find it easy to come to us during their lunch breaks or after work because of the parking facilities here, so it's really convenient for new customers. At Waterhouse, there are three meeting rooms so if we are conducting seminars, we have the opportunity to hire one of the rooms. 

Capital Space offer a contract where we only have to give a month's notice, which enables us to do easy cash flow forecasting. We are not tied in for 3, 6 or 12 months so the flexibility here is a lot better for us to develop and be able to grow.


Gary Keeley
LR Financial Services Ltd