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Sinclair-Strong Consultants Ltd

Dr Linda Strong, Sinclair-Strong Consultants Ltd: Added - July 2019.

Capital Space has a huge expanse of free parking, roomy bays which are well maintained in winter and sockets for electrical top ups. Capital Space’s front door opens automatically as you step into an airy, modern and open space. The friendly reception staff make it impossible to be grumpy. Capital Space has large comfortable meeting rooms, the latest technology, and super-efficient assistants to ensure things move effortlessly.  

They offer freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate and a range of teas, and the lunches brought in are diabolically tempting.  There are bowls full of sweets at every turn, and there’s even an on-site café with a fridge full of chocolate bars for anyone so inclined.  


Dr Linda Strong
Sinclair-Strong Consultants Ltd