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The Osteo Group

Charlie Herbert, Founder, The Osteo Group: Added - Sept 2019.

Why it works for me here at Churchill Square Business Centre is that I only have to pay for space that I am actually using. I don’t have to have a big shop front that is open set hours and pay for staff to be there when we don’t necessarily have patients.

I have 24 hour access here, if I want to come in early or stay late. We also get facilities like the kitchen, clean toilets, an intercom for patients, a waiting area….if I can’t answer the phones, I can divert to reception and they will take my parcels in for me too. In terms of parking, there’s always space around the site and customers like that.

The facilities around me are good – I use David Lloyd, I can pick up the shopping on the way home or nip out for a coffee if I have a break…it’s great.

We have the space knowing we can grow here. 


Charlie Herbert
The Osteo Group