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KB Recruitment

On taking space at Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

If ever there exists an example of a start-up company with confidence, integrity, and that doesn't like to hang around, KB Recruitment Ltd is it.
Co-founder and Partner Brian May set up the recruitment company just 8 days ago, having made the decision over the weekend of 25th September to "do it ourselves". On Thursday 30th September, he called to enquire about office space in Harlow, and went out to view a property at lunchtime.
The very next day, Brian had signed the paperwork, picked up the keys and moved in.
"We are still designing our logo and website," said Brian, just days after signing for his new office at Harlow Business Park. "Our fledgling company has been formed for 8 days, and we have been busy kitting out our lovely new office."
Explaining the story behind the creation of KB Recruitment, Brian says that the company was born out of a search for "the right opportunity", which he and Joannie had been working on for some time.
"We seem to have been thwarted at every turn, the latest disappointment coming almost two weeks ago with a promise not being honoured!" he said. "So over the weekend of 25th September we decided to do it for ourselves, and with the ethics, integrity and vision we have this has to be the right way to go."
Commenting on their new office, Brian said that the location and friendly welcome were the best things about the property. During the tour, Brian met another tenant who was very complimentary of the office, which he said "boded well".'s account manager for the region, Marcus Shelton, recommended the office following Brian's initial enquiry. Having helped him to organise the tour, Marcus was then pleasantly surprised to learn that Brian liked the office so much he had decided to take it - and move in the next day.
KB Recruitment is now settled in and - in typical fashion - busy moving forward with their new venture.
"A lot of hours went in over the weekend and I was surprised how busy the estate was - even on a Sunday!" commented Brian. "But even with all that going on we have managed to secure placements for 3 recruits, how good is that?"

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