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The Bass Merchant

On taking space at Colchester Business & Seedbed Centre

At the Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre Darren Mackay found an ideal location for his bass guitar sales company - The Bass Merchant. The company has grown quickly and Darren has recently taken additional space for further expansion.

Darren says: “We have good quality business space that’s well maintained, easy access from motorway and trunk roads for our customers and ample parking. Above all there’s also plenty of space and we can set out several guitars and base stacks for customers to try which makes all the difference.

“Another major advantage for us as a start-up was the ability to take the unit on a monthly licence with no long term commitment to a lease. It was also a big plus to be able to take extra space when I needed it without having to change locations. Arranging a move to a larger nearby unit was easy.”

The Bass Merchant is one of the three specialist bass guitar companies operating in the UK and has a fast growing reputation.


Added February 2011


Darren Mackay
The Bass Merchant