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Arthur Flury

On taking space at Milton Keynes Business Centre

Arthur Flury, a major Swiss based manufacturer of electromechanical components, has chosen the Milton Keynes Business Centre as a base for its new UK office. The company provides advanced railway technology products and views the UK rail industry as a strong growth market

Paul Culnane, Managing Director at the UK office, says: “The mileage of overhead electrical lines in this country is set to rise and the demand for precision components will grow substantially. We wanted a full time office to support growth in this market and we were attracted to the Milton Keynes Business Centre by the good quality business space on offer and the flexibility to take additional space when needed.”

Arthur Fury has a distribution network of more than 26 agencies worldwide and in addition to railway technology specialises in the design and manufacture of components for overhead contact line material, lightning protection for buildings and in coupling material for power lines and cables.


Added February 2011


Paul Culnane
Arthur Flury