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Why we don’t bamboozle you when it comes to connectivity

Why we don’t bamboozle you when it comes to connectivity
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Why we don’t bamboozle you when it comes to connectivity

Don’t know your ADSL from your ISDN?  Not sure what the difference is between bandwidth and capacity?  You’re not alone!  But while lots of IT boffs swamp customers with geek speak, we work hard to demystify the internet so our customers get the connectivity that’s right for them.

It can be easy to be lost in jargon when it comes to IT and internet services.  But connectivity is a vital business tool these days, no matter whether you’re selling goods or services, whether you’re B2B or B2C, or whether your business is classed as a profession or trade.

We understand how important it is to have the connectivity that is vital to fuel your business, but not to pay for more than you’re likely to use.  And we also think it’s essential that our clients understand their own needs, as well as the solutions available to them.  That’s why we work hard to make both our services and prices transparent and meaningful to our customers. 

We discuss business needs and operations with all our new customers, to understand what their connectivity requirements are – and we guide them through the difference between home and business demands in language they’ll understand.  We also consistently monitor our customers’ usage from site to site and provide additional bandwidth, with no restriction, to any customers that want this. 

Significantly, we have our own in-house telecoms expert whose services are provided to all customers for no charge; this rare offering helps us optimise the use of the internet to keep prices stable as we’re not having to invest in outside contractors to review and monitor provision.

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