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Plans for a new building at Churchill Square, Kings Hill

Plans for a new building at Churchill Square, Kings Hill
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Plans for a new building at Churchill Square, Kings Hill
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The CapitalSpace formula for flexible, affordable accommodation to support growing businesses has been so successful that we are unable to keep up with demand – so we’re hoping to get the go ahead for a new building in Churchill Square to enable us to provide more office space and better meeting facilities.

Churchill Square is full to capacity, with many of our existing customers asking for more office space.  As we can’t keep up with demand, we’ve submitted plans for Building 80 to complement and extend our existing facilities. 

As the plans show, the new building will be sited in the centre of the Square.  It will accommodate 32 offices, a much improved suite of meeting rooms and a reception area far more conveniently placed to serve the whole Square.

Thriving Kings Hill economy

“We’re delighted that we need a new building: it’s a tribute to the success of the CapitalSpace formula and to the thriving small and medium size business sector of Kings Hill,” said CapitalSpace Managing Director, Peter Boam. 

“When we acquired the buildings that now comprise the Churchill Square Business Centre in 2002, our aim was to provide space for growing businesses free from the distractions normally inherent with any property transaction.  The centre has been spectacularly successful in meeting this objective: we now host 150 businesses, with more than 800 access fobs currently in circulation.  But in order to continue to meet the growing requirements of the thriving businesses of Kings Hill, we need a flagship new building to increase our capacity and enable us to offer enhanced facilities.”

Planning process

The preparation of the Building 80 plans has included consultations with neighbours, customers and the authorities: “Whilst the universal reaction has been generally positive some valid concerns and suggestions have come forward to help us improve the detailed design.”

Architect Richard Hopkinson has been asked to provide a sturdy attractive brick building that can be built with good quality materials and careful workmanship to provide a fitting addition to the collegiate attraction of the Square as it presently is.

The final submission for formal planning consent was presented in July.  All being well, this will result in a planning permission towards the end of August, which will in turn lead to a start on site in September.  We will be liaising with existing customers throughout the planned one-year building works to minimise the impact on them.

If the plans are accepted, we are hoping to open Building 80 in late 2017 – and to welcoming more businesses into an enhanced Churchill Square.

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