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Greenway pilot lights way for greener future

Greenway pilot lights way for greener future
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Greenway pilot lights way for greener future
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We are always committed to find new ways to support our customers in running environmentally friendly businesses.  Our latest initiative has been a trial of LED lights; the success of the pilot paves the way for a greener future for all our business accommodation customers.

A better working environment

We were keen to trial the new LED lights as they are capable of emitting a range of colours and so can enhance the working environment for people who normally work in artificial light.  Feedback suggests that most people prefer to work in the ‘natural daylight’ effect produced by the LED lights.

Better for the environment

LED lights also use less electricity than traditional lights; at least a third less, and possibly more.  We already generate 20% of our total electricity used across the eight CapitalSpace business centres; this percentage would rise if we were to replace all the existing lights with LED lights. 

A successful pilot

We were delighted that OfficeScape, based in Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, were willing to trial the lights for their 20 screen users.  They were very enthusiastic about the quality of the light and the appearance of the new light fittings. 

Andy Greening, Managing Director of OfficeScape commented: “The team are really pleased with the solution. The transition was trouble free, and we have flexibility to deploy different settings throughout the year to best suit weather and external light conditions.  We are in the process of securing ISO 14001 Environmental certification, and the LED solution compliments our environmental strategy nicely. OfficeScape’s customers tend to place significant emphasis on suppliers proving their environmental credentials, and as we are delivering over 25,000 workplace products to their businesses, it’s vital that our green messages and actions add value to their own strategies.”

Win, win, win

“This is one of those rare examples where we can enhance the experience of our customers, contribute to more environmentally friendly businesses and save money all at once,” explains managing director, Peter Boam.  “Now that we have demonstrated the value to be obtained from LED lights, we will instigate a programme of replacing every one of the many thousands of lights currently in the eight CapitalSpace business centres.”

Our decision to roll out LED lights comes on top of our investment in solar panels to generate enough electricity to power Churchill Square Kings Hill business centre – just two of our initiatives to help the environment and our business accommodation customers.


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