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How to make your blogs work for your business: identify your aims

You’ve probably been told that all business need to blog, but there is a difference between blogging for blogging’s sake and blogging that delivers real ROI.  So how do you make your blogs work for your business?  Siobhan Stirling of Sharp Minds Communications has pulled together an expert guide for CapitalSpace customers that will be delivered on our blog over the coming weeks and months.  In this first installment, she advises that the first step is to identify your aims .

As with all marketing activities, the starting point for success is to establish your aims.  This will enable you to structure a successful blogging strategy to meet your business needs.  It will also, crucially, enable you to measure your success against your aims, so you can refine your strategy so that it delivers real returns for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all ideal aim for commercial blogging; your aims for your blogs will depend upon your business, what stage your business is at and your business growth and development plans.  Potential aims might include:

Boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) : Search engines value new, original, quality content.  Some businesses publish new content regularly as an intrinsic business activity, for example recruitment agencies publishing new jobs every day.  But many businesses do not have an organic reason to post new content; a blog can offset this.

Drive engagement with consumers: A blog can provide a great forum for feedback from customers and an opportunity for direct engagement with them, to find out what they are thinking and boost recognition and loyalty with them.

Communicate directly with customers: A blog gives you a direct platform for telling customers about your company news, new products and relevant industry updates.

Position your business as a thought leader within your sector: In a competitive commercial sector you may need to stand out from the competition; an insightful blog can showcase your expertise.

Communicate your brand values: Blogs enable you to demonstrate the philosophy and values that underpin your company; for example you might communicate your CSR through updates about charitable activities.

Gain insights into your audience: Blog analytics will tell you what resonates with your audience and enabke you to track their online behaviour.

Establishing your aims for your blog will enable you to build an effective blogging strategy to support your business development and growth plans.

For more advice on how to make your blog work for your business  look out for your email updates from your CapitalSpace Centre Manager