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Increasing our customers' peace of mind

Increasing our customers' peace of mind
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Increasing our customers' peace of mind
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Knowing that your business – your office equipment, stock and staff – are safe, is essential.  That’s why we’re investing in new digital CCTV systems across our eight business centres in Kent, Essex, Surrey and Bucks.  It’s another way that we provide peace of mind for our customers, so they can concentrate on their businesses, as Michelle Gibson, centre manager at the Waterhouse Business Centre in Chelmsford who is overseeing the upgrade, explains.

Why are you upgrading the CCTV systems at the eight CapitalSpace business centres?

Our customer base is a very diverse one, which means there will be an incalculable amount of variety in the goods and materials that are stored onsite. We have a responsibility to all our customers to ensure that they can feel comfortable to be able to run their business the way they need to without having to worry about matters like security.

We felt as a business that we needed to look at replacing/upgrading the current CCTV system to allow us to really provide the best care possible for our customers across our centres. Some of our systems have been installed for 10 years plus, and although these work perfectly adequately, the building security market is constantly evolving and we wanted to ensure we are keeping up with the times.  

What does the upgrade programme involve?

The investment is ongoing, and the involvement I have in the centres is to ascertain what the current provision is and how this can be upgraded/improved. When all the centres are completed, we will have nine new or upgraded systems; while this is an ongoing project that will run into next year, we felt it important enough to start this investment programme now.

What’s the benefit to the customers?

The system that we are looking at will effectively replace analogue equipment with its digital, more modern counterpart, giving us all round better centre coverage, more cameras, and higher imagery resolution – all ensuring that the whole effect of our centre security is increased. We hope that this heightened level of security will not only give our customers a better sense of comfort onsite, but we hope this will also go towards reducing their insurance premiums – so it will be a positive, not only from an emotional level, but also from a more tangible, financial one.    

What impact has the installation program had on customers and how have you minimised it?

From the sites that we have looked at so far, we have tried to keep the disruption to a minimum.  Churchill Security, the company that are helping us in the upgrade, have been working mainly outside the centre units; on the occasions that they have had to enter the centres, we have tasked them to do so outside normal working hours to ensure that the fewest people and businesses have been affected. 

How robust is the new system?

We feel that the new system will be more than fit for purpose and while there are a plethora of companies out there, we are happy with both Churchill Security and the Genie system that we are looking to install. We have based the decision about the new system purely on our desire to continue to support our customers in the best way we can. One of our business axioms is “space for growing businesses” – and increased security dovetails with making this live within our centres.

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