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Healthy business plans sustained growth

Healthy business plans sustained growth
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Healthy business plans sustained growth
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

From a PO Box to one of the largest employers within Churchill Square Kings Hill in only three years – that’s the impressive growth of Healthshare, which provides clinical and managerial services for the NHS and private health sector.  They’ve clearly found a winning formula, but we’re delighted that they put part of their success down to the support they’ve received from the local CapitalSpace team.

Healthshare Ltd was established in 2010 by Nick McGrath, Karen McGrath and Neil Cook, all experienced NHS clinicians.  Their aim was to provide a range of services for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders on behalf of the NHS, including physiotherapy, pain management, orthopaedic, podiatry and IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies).

When they founded the company, they decided to start with a virtual office at Churchill Square; they were attracted by the ability to scale up when the time was right to move to fully services offices.  That time came two years later; since then they have scaled up three times.

“We have needed to move into bigger premises to accommodate our growing clinical triage and call-handling teams, with the central location of Kings Hill making it easy to recruit administrative staff and call handlers,” said Nick McGrath.  “The CapitalSpace centre management team, led by Sue Billings, has been instrumental in Healthshare staying on site as they understand the requirements of growing businesses and have supported us over the last five years.”

The founders of Healthshare have no intention of easing their feet off the pedals: “At present, Healthshare is the third largest musculoskeletal specialist provider within the UK, and we are looking to become the largest within three years.”

As Healthshare grows further, they will continue to measure their success: “To date, we have benchmarked it against revenue and patient outcomes across all our services.  We have recently been shortlisted for the National Community MSK Provider awards, which is a true reflection of our success in that our peers and the health industry as a whole have recognised the quality of our services, which is the true benchmark of success.”

The good news for Churchill Square, is that one of our great success stories is looking to continue to take advantage of our flexible business accommodation as they move forwards: “We will look to stay within CapitalSpace; we have discussed our future needs with Sue and the senior management team, with a vision to return to an open-plan space for all our operations, and are very optimistic that CapitalSpace’s future growth plans will be able to accommodate us.”

We’re delighted that Healthshare want to maintain their growth within CapitalSpace; it’s what our space for growing businesses is all about.

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