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Why our contracts are crystal clear

Why our contracts are crystal clear
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Why our contracts are crystal clear
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

A riddle wrapped up in a conundrum may have you hooked if you’re looking for a bit of a brain teaser over a cup of coffee, but it’s not what you want when you’re looking to sign contracts on behalf of your business.  That’s why we make sure our contracts talk your language.

There’s only one winner with complicated contracts: the lawyers.  We understand this.  We also understand that our customers – ambitious small businesses – don’t have the time to ponder lengthy legal documents and don’t want to incur unnecessary legal fees.

So we make sure our easy-in, easy-out contracts are written are just as easy to understand.  We’ve even been given a Crystal Mark by Plain English Campaign.  We don’t want to hoodwink you with smoke-and-mirror clauses; we want to support you in your business growth by providing flexible business accommodation that can meet your changing business needs on easy-to-understand terms, underpinned by easy-to-understand contracts.

Simples? Of course it is, because you’re too busy running your business to get tied up in unnecessary legal jargon.

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