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Update on our plans for a new flagship building in Kings Hill

Update on our plans for a new flagship building in Kings Hill
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Update on our plans for a new flagship building in Kings Hill
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

In August, we told you about our plans for a flagship new building in Churchill Square, Kings Hill, to enable us to keep up with demand for flexible, affordable accommodation for growing businesses.  Our proposals for Building 80 are working their way through the planning process, so we thought it was time to update you with the latest. 

The aim of Building 80 is to complement and extend our existing facilities, enabling us to provide an additional 32 offices for the ever-expanding number of ambitious SMEs in Kings Hill, a much-improved suite of meeting rooms and a reception area far more conveniently placed to serve the whole Square.

If you’ve ever applied for planning permission, you will know it can be a slow process.  As part of the democratic procedure, the local planning authority has to publicise the application and to invite comments from the general public and all interested parties.  All consultees are required to make their views known to enable the planning officer to consider them.

A report is then written to draw together all the evidence and to reach a conclusion, either recommending that consent be granted or that it be refused.  While small applications are frequently decided by a senior council officer, larger applications are considered by the full planning committee of the council; we expect that our application will follow this route.

So far, the Liberty Property Trust and the Kings Hill Estate Management Company are amongst a very small number of

objectors.  Unfortunately, these objectors would like to see, amongst other things, the new building reverse its outlook to give prominence to Gibson Drive, to the detriment of Churchill Square.  “Our principal reason for developing this building is to improve the amenity and facilities we provide in the Square, hence we are unwilling to modify our proposal.  Unless we are able to persuade Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council we will be obliged to appeal the decision, which will mean a further delay of a year or so before we are able to progress,” commented CapitalSpace managing director, Peter Boam.

Our plans for Building 80 encapsulate our continuing investment in the growing economy of Kings Hill; we will keep you updated about their progress.

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