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Success tips for 2017

Success tips for 2017
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Success tips for 2017
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The dawn of a new year is traditionally a time for businesses to take stock and plan what they want to achieve over the coming months.  So we decided to ask some of our partners in business success – our customers, our CapitalSpace experts and our own staff – for their top tips for sustained growth in 2017; we hope you find them useful.  And if you run your own business in the South East, or even if you have a kernel of an idea for a new business, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year.

“He who dares, really does win – learn to take a few gambles.”
Nicola and Nick Crooks
Antiques and Chic: 

“Listening to and acting on the ideas of our younger staff isn’t something businesses are necessarily used to doing but it is the key to making tomorrow’s world work.  These minds have developed alongside the digital revolution and are used to using computers for pretty much everything so it can help with changes to culture, processes and systems to stretch the boundaries of a traditional business.”
Warren Merton
Director, Absolute Insurance Brokers:

“Get the numbers right and maintain your focus.  With your numbers, ensure that your future expenses are all known and can all be justified for at least six months ahead, set up and maintain a truthful cash flow and ensure customers pay promptly.  With your focus, concentrate on dealing with profitable work in preference to interesting distractions (for example spam email).”
Peter Boam
Managing Director, Capital Space Ltd:

"YOU are the secret formula to your business success.  It's not about luck; it's your passion and desire that will deliver success."
Karen Prato
Pure Movement Pilates:

"Know your why! Why are you doing what you do? If you have a big enough why, you will always find the passion, energy and enthusiasm to see it through to the end. Always have an end goal in sight and aim towards that. However, I believe some of the most successful businesses grow and evolve organically, so one should have the flexibility in thinking to be able to take a different path to the one initially planned, if necessary. Allowing your intuition and heart to guide you can open up many opportunities which you may not ordinarily have been presented with; when an opportunity comes your way go for it (unless it's life threatening, of course!), you can always figure out the how later. Never, ever give up on your dreams - because if bumblebees can fly, anything is possible!"
Sharon Lynn
Intuitive Business Consultant:

“Understand how your customers view you – and how easy it is to secure your services.  You may think it’s easy, but that's because you know your own process – you own it. But how easy is it really for people to find you, engage with you, and buy from you? Do you really understand your own business’s buying cycle and the steps that customers take in the process of placing an order with you? Have you understood the touch points of your customer journey and have you worked through this to see if it really is what your customers want/need? It’s important to do this and to work back from point of sale to initial enquiry to understand the details of what a prospect experiences before actually becoming a customer.  If you do this, you’ll be able to build rapport better, and anticipate questions and objections, which will in turn allow you to be better prepared to secure business in 2017.” 
Jason Hill
General Manager, CapitalSpace:

“When you are starting out, it can be tempting to do everything yourself to keep costs down, but this can be a false economy – especially as your business grows.  The cost of doing something is not only the direct cost; it’s also your time and the opportunity cost of the time that you could have spent doing something else – something that only you can deliver within your business.  Plus it’s the real costs of doing something badly, and the impact that can have on your reputation, conversions and sales.  So, a key element of successful business development is working out what your key skills are – and those of your team – and how to make best use of these within your business; but also working out what you’re not so good at, and which activities would be better delivered by someone else.  Then invest the time to find skilled professionals who can deliver those elements expertly for you, so you can concentrate on your areas of expertise and where you really add value to your business and your customers.”
Siobhan Stirling
Director, Sharp Minds Communications:

“Start-up business can often grow quickly and the size or type of space you take initially may not suit your business 12 months or even six months down the line. It’s important when you take space to have a flexible licence, rather than a long lease, so that you can expand easily and quickly if need be.  Doing this also ensures that you do not have to take more space than you need to in the early days when cash flow may be limited.”
Lorraine Lee
Capital Space, Harlow Greenway Business Centre Manager:

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