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Why virtual reality is the future

Why virtual reality is the future
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Why virtual reality is the future
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

If you’re not certain what VR is – and how it could fit in with your company’s marketing – 2017 is the year it is definitely going to come on your radar.  One of the businesses pioneering the growth in applications of this new technology is CapitalSpace customer Maxbox VR.  We found out how the company has developed from selling VR headsets on e-bay to working with some of the biggest global brands – and the importance of blagging in this journey. 

Fola Adejumo is a self-taught entrepreneur.  He learnt how to set up a factory through watching videos on YouTube, he learnt how to pitch to some of the biggest brands in the world by reading a book: ‘I read a few books about blagging to bigger companies and ended up landing a gig with WilliamHill. I knew then I could rinse and repeat with other brands.’ 

Adejumo’s research has paid off: his company, MaxBox VR, which he set up only 2 years ago, now lists Google, Rolls Royce, IBM, Adidas, BMW and ITV among its clients… and that’s just a taster of their impressive portfolio.

Fast and furious 

It’s been a furiously fast journey, which is clearly testimony to Adejumo’s drive, but he does acknowledge a bit of luck along the way: ‘The product I found was instant and easy and the money I borrowed came from an easy source’.

Adejumo definitely found the right product at the right time; big brands are now realising the potential of VR to engage in another dimension with customers: Virtual Reality is playing a fundamental role when it comes to learning, communication and entertainment.  With this low-cost solution you can put Virtual Reality in the hands of anyone, it’s an easy way to experience tomorrow today. All that’s needed is a few pounds and a smartphone to enjoy. The fact that it is made of cardboard makes it easier to customise with your own brand and let your clients know your company is moving forward with technology.  

Growing business 

But with early success moving him from his e-bay beginnings to a dedicated website to global brands as customers,

Adejumo soon realised that he needed a suitable business location for his ever-growing company: ‘I originally wanted my business to be as close to my home as possible but that wasn't happening as I live in the sticks.’

He opted for CapitalSpace in Croydon for its location and transport links for future staff: ‘Other offices I found didn't have what I needed in terms of the flexibility. There are also great people here that made me feel very welcome to stay.’

Business lessons

Adejumo has been inspired in his journey by role models ranging from his friends (‘I've watched them rise, fall and rise again’) to entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet (‘I only started this company because I like investing and I wanted to understand business first by owning my own’) and businessman and philanthropist Mohnish Pabrai.  In return, he’s willing to share his own advice to help

entrepreneurs who are just starting out:

‘1) Watch YouTube tutorials, you can learn entire professions on the internet. Whatever you want to do just type "how to XXX" on Google and do it until you can replace your current income then quit your job. Learn as hard and as fast as possible, there will be sacrifice but it's worth it.

2) Don't be afraid to blag, have a mindset of spending zero and put all the money you make back into the business until it's making enough for you to take out.

3) Save your money and be patient for the golden unicorn opportunities to make money, they will come you just need to be ready to take advantage of them.’

Although Adejumo attributes part of his success to luck, his advice reveals how much he has been prepared to invest in his own company – and how hard work and determination have probably been the key factors behind Maxbox VR’s rapid expansion.

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