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Fairy magic delivers business success

Fairy magic delivers business success
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Fairy magic delivers business success
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Have you ever felt your lawn is a bit lacking and could use some added excitement? Well then look no further, because CapitalSpace customer “Away with the Fairies” is in the business of transforming them with their unique products such as miniature houses, doors and all sorts of accessories that enhance a fairy garden. We found out what it is that makes up a fairy garden and how the company use their skills to bring to life the  average outdoors. 

‘The aim is to encourage imagination and play for everyone from three or 100 years old,’ explains Wendy Patis of Away with the Fairies.  It all started when she came across a miniature fairy door at a garden show two years ago, and realised there is a fantastic market for this style of garden design.  

Her sister, Julie Boorman, who already had experience as a florist, helped Wendy find the only two wholesalers in the country at the time selling the products; they placed their first orders and started selling at craft fairs whilst developing a website.  Move forward to October 2016 when they chose to move into the CapitalSpace Seedbed centre.  

Defining moments

There were several reasons why the sisters chose CapitalSpace business accommodation: ‘It was all ready to go, phones and services included. Location was also a factor; locals in Colchester are aware of Severalls Business Park and it’s only two minutes from the A12.’  Transport links were vital, as they needed the ability to ship their products quickly and efficiently.

Away with the Fairies describe moving into The Seedbed Centre as ‘our defining moment’: ‘It proved

we have worked hard to build a successful business which had outgrown our houses.  We had seen the business grown from just a couple of online sales a month to well over a 100 per month.’

Sisterly support

Both being very determined to achieve success through Away with the Fairies, Wendy and Julie believe that being family is a great business benefit: ‘As we are sisters, we can talk frankly about what works for our business.   We also both have completely different skills: Julie is the creative one, whilst I have an accounting background – between us we inspire each other to try new things.  If one of us is feeling a bit bewildered, as you often can in business, the other one is always there to encourage and support.’

That mutual support means that this year they intend to grow the business even further: ‘Our next aim is to import products direct which will require a larger unit; with the CapitalSpace policy of one months’ notice, and the flexibility to move between units in the same centre, a move will be very easy.’

Flexible goals

Her experience of growing a business rapidly in just a couple of years, has shown Wendy that it’s important not to stagnate – and that hard work is essential: ‘Always have goals, but evaluate your plan regularly and be prepared to change and adapt it for the best outcome.  Progression and success don’t happen overnight: it takes determination and hard work to get a successful business.’

Away with the Fairies believe ‘we are only limited by our imaginations’.  With big imaginations, it’s no surprise that they have big plans in store.

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