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How one company makes your brand stand out

How one company makes your brand stand out
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How one company makes your brand stand out
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

As you drive around, you will pass hundreds – if not thousands – of signs every day: for car dealerships, shops, petrol stations, offices… Many of them are created by new CapitalSpace customer, Prolicht, who have chosen Greenway Business Centre for their UK operations because of the flexibility to scale their accommodation in response to seasonal demand. 

The ProLicht Group opened their doors to the business world 25 years ago and have grown across the whole of Europe, establishing several subsidiaries in the process.  Alongside the German head office are production facilities in Poland, Hungary and Germany – a huge bonus for transporting their goods to companies across the continent. 

Key to the company’s success is the fact that they manage the entire production process themselves.  ‘We also offer Project Management, installation and maintenance solutions, which dovetail our production locations and other subsidiaries in France, Spain, Romania and of course the UK,’ explains Terry Smith Operations Manager.

Flexible benefits

Established in the UK in 2004, ProLicht moved their UK office space to CapitalSpace’s Greenway Business Centre in Harlow
last December: ‘It offered attractive, fully serviced office space together with a beneficial small storage unit. The location was very suitable for our staff, as most live within 20 minutes of our previous office and the new location is only three minutes’ away.  The ability to scale up and down within the same centre is also a benefit, given our business can be affected by medium-term peaks and troughs. The facilities on site are excellent and the centre staff were very welcoming, helpful and accommodating.  Our experience so far has been enjoyable, due to the professionalism displayed by CapitalSpace staff.’

The flexibility of CapitalSpace’s easy-in, easy-out monthly contracts has already proved beneficial: ‘We have scaled down our storage requirements but have increased the size of our office space in anticipation of adding to our workforce to manage two new projects awarded to us during the latter part of 2016.’

Measuring success

ProLicht anticipates business growth over the next five years as they are tendering for other pan-European contracts: ‘We also seek to generate additional standalone business throughout the UK and we have considered this in choosing the right size office space for our needs.’ 

Different businesses measure their success in a variety of ways; for ProLicht it’s through customer satisfaction: ‘Our ability to manufacture and install our product to the highest specification and quality, whilst providing excellent value for money.  It goes without saying we have to achieve and maintain all these important service levels, whilst of course generating a fair profit margin to support our Group demands and requirements.’

So next time you spot an eye-catching sign when you’re out and about, just think that it may have been provided by the Prolicht team in CapitalSpace Greenway Business Centre.

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