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Why smart businesses sometimes play away

Why smart businesses sometimes play away
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Why smart businesses sometimes play away
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

It’s not always wise to choose your own offices for a meeting place with potential clients. You need a fully prepared meeting room with the right facilities to meet your needs. At CapitalSpace Business Premises we can provide you with such rooms, whether you are a CapitalSpace customer or not.  With up-to-date technology, spacious rooms, catering and convenience, you are sure to impress your contacts.

First impressions are key

You may know your own office like the back of your hand, but it can be rather awkward when a potential customer comes in and there aren’t enough seats, or the room is too small. Why take the risk of putting them off? If they feel like you are giving them the best treatment their confidence in you is sure to rise. That’s why we give you the choice of the perfect venue for your meeting, whether you need a small room for a meeting of just a few people or a conference room that can hold 40.

Modern rooms for a modern meeting

Are you intending on setting up a presentation? Or maybe showcasing sales achieved? PC projectors, telephone conferencing equipment, are all important for these processes. We make sure all these facilities are available, along with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for you to wow your customer whilst ensuring their trust in you as a business.

Keep the travel costs down

It can be very frustrating for a potential client to have to drive around for ages looking for the right parking space or to catch various forms of public transport to get to somewhere off the beaten track; you need a convenient place for your business to set up an efficient meeting. CapitalSpace centres are in central locations with easy access by public transport and car, with free parking at all our sites.   

Don’t let them leave on an empty stomach

Catering can be very important for a customer to feel comfortable in their surroundings; you don’t want them feeling parched or hungry during the .  Feeding and watering your own team will also help keep them energised and on point.  That’s why CapitalSpace gives the option of catering at all times.  It will help keep your team at the top of their game while being sure to impress your potential client or provide a sigh of relief for a current customer. 

CapitalSpace is all about providing convenience. Each room, however big or small, is able to accommodate your specific needs so you can secure that important deal or make your customer feel valued by your business.

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