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Supplying taste to the nation

Supplying taste to the nation
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Supplying taste to the nation
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

The Great British Sauce Company is on a mission to bring great flavours to the great British public.  Based at the CapitalSpace Business Centre in Croydon for over three years, the group of passionate foodies behind the company have expanded it to offer a dazzling array of flavours, and diversification into hand-cooked crisps.  

Personal passion 

Like so many businesses, The Great British Sauce Company started with a personal passion; co-founder Andrew Rowson

was disappointed with supermarket ketchups, so started making his own for family and friends.  But, when he took the leap in 2012 of turning his hobby into his full-time business, many thought he was crazy moving into such a crowded market.

‘My colleagues are all friends, and all passionate foodies, driven by the same ambition to create properly made sauces and condiments, reflecting modern British flavours and made here in Britain’, he explains.

Industry expertise 

Among his colleagues are managing director and fellow co-founder Jason Beaumont, who added the expertise of twenty years’ experience within the global food industry, starting as a graduate trainee with PepsiCo and progressing through a variety of sales and marketing roles. 

The combination of passion and experience paid off, with the company moving into CapitalSpace business accommodation three years ago: ‘As a start-up, maximum flexibility was the key: not being tied to any long-term leasing agreements, with the opportunity to switch units as we grow and require more space,’ explained Jason.  ‘As a fully serviced unit, everything from communications to heating is managed, allowing us to focus 100% on the business.’

They decided on CapitalSpace Business Centre in Croydon due to the great transport links: ‘With the business park located a short walk from Sanderstead train station, central London is within an hour away.’

Cosmopolitan range

The need for flexibility was soon proved, with GB Sauce moving into a bigger unit 16 months ago: ‘Key to our growth and development has been the successful crowdfunding round we went through in 2015, attracting investments from a group of individuals attracted by our business.’

The company now offers a range of cosmopolitan British sauces, ranging from the classic Ketchup to the exciting Tomato and Habanero Chilli Sauce.  Inspiration has come from the seismic revolution in British cuisine promoted by Keith Floyd and his TV-chef heirs and a range of previous colleagues and mentors. 

Positive influences 

 ‘Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people from different cultures and experience around the world. The key is collective influence,’ enthused Jason.

It’s the international experiences that have motivated Jason which inform the advice he gives to entrepreneurs seeking to emulate the success of  Sauce: ‘Travel, work amongst different cultures, listen, seek feedback, learn to serve within a team, be honest and always make sure you’re having fun!’

So, next time you’re dunking your chips or planning a BBQ, perhaps think of Great British Sauce.

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