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Taking the pain out of your accounting

Taking the pain out of your accounting
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Taking the pain out of your accounting
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that there comes a time when trying to keep on top of the taxes and other finances while also running the business becomes a struggle. CapitalSpace customer Libra Wealth Management has made it their duty to take the stress out of the process.  

Taking care of business

Libra Wealth Management was created in 2004 and with the aim of providing integrated advice to private clients and their businesses on all aspects of tax planning, business consultancy and financial management. The initial focus was clients working in the city, but director Bill Humphreys explains that the last few years have seen a change of direction: ‘Our emphasis has shifted towards local businesses. Unlike many accountancy firms, our focus is on long-term planning and relationships with our clients.’


In March of 2013 Libra Wealth Management moved to CapitalSpace business accommodation in Kings Hill as their home office had become impractical.  The key attractions of Churchill Square for Libra were: 

  • ease of access
  • parking
  • the flexibility to find suitable space as the business matures
  • the competitive pricing compared with other local providers
  • the other support services provided by the management.

Their move to CapitalSpace has enabled them to grow further, to the point of needing a larger space at the start of this year: ‘We hope and expect that our existing space will meet our needs for the next three to four years and (all being well) we will upscale again.’

The future for Libra

Libra is looking to expand and take on even more clients: ‘It is our intention to continue to grow the business over the next five years and we believe that the existing space will serve us well for the upcoming years.’ Cloud technology has also helped the company expand, enabling remote working to support significant growth from the existing office space.

While they continue to grow, Libra will measure their success by the levels of client and employee satisfaction: ‘Good indicators of this success are client/employee retention rates, as well as the level of fee income per client relationship/employee.’

If trying to manage your accounting and taxes is becoming a grind, Libra Wealth Management will be happy to take the load off you.

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business,

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