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Why going virtual could be the future for your business

Why going virtual could be the future for your business
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Why going virtual could be the future for your business
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

What is a virtual office and how can it benefit your company? Good questions. More and more people are turning to virtual offices as they are convenient, easily accessible and reliable. They are being adopted by both start-ups and companies expanding internationally, as they offer all the benefits of a business location without the costs.

What overheads?

With a virtual office, you keep your overheads to a minimum, allowing you to invest more in your company without having to pull back due to costs. It also provides the ability to offer potential customers a lower fee, which will be far more attractive and put you above your competitors.   Both of these are particularly helpful in your early stages in business, when you are trying to break into the market and need to plough as much as you can back into your company.

Professional look

A virtual office creates the look of a professional business that will give customers and potential clients a better impression of your company. Whether you’re a small growing business or a company working out of another country, your brand is represented in the best manner possible. Services like call answering, call forwarding, mailing services and a registered business address are all  a part of CapitalSpace’s virtual office services.

No need to fill up the tank

The commute can be a bore; no-one likes sitting in traffic for hours watching your money go down with your fuel gauge.  This isn’t a problem when it comes to virtual office owners.  And the time you save travelling to work can go into achieving more within your business. 

Easy-in Easy-out

Growing businesses need flexibility; CapitalSpace’s simple monthly contracts give you the ability to upgrade or scale down as necessary.  Our virtual offices may be your long-term solution, or they may help you develop quickly to the point of needing a dedicated office; with our monthly contracts, we can respond to your needs as they change.  And that’s much better for your business than being tied into a long-term lease that has you boxed into an office that’s too small for your growing customer base.  

So if you’re not quite ready for a dedicated workspace, our virtual offices could be the solution you need to create a cost-effective professional image.

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