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How to make a success of your website Part 2 - Understanding your business

How to make a success of your website Part 2 - Understanding your business
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How to make a success of your website Part 2 - Understanding your business
Trevor Spink - Eonic by Trevor Spink - Eonic
Managing Partner - Eonic

If you want your website to be a success, it needs to communicate your business clearly to visitors.  You probably know your own business better than anyone, but – as our website development expert, Trevor Spink of Eonic, explains – understanding your business and communicating it effectively to customers, staff and partners are two very different things.  

Every time I sit down with a new potential customer I never assume I know about their business, regardless of how many times I might have worked with others in the same sector.  I need to understand what is unique about the business and people I am working with, and how well they can articulate the business.

You will be amazed at how many business owners struggle to describe their business in words others can understand, and how powerful it is when we discover a form of words that engages people – eyes light up!

 Answering the following questions will help you identify what it is outsiders need to understand about your business when they visit your website, which will help you brief your web professional effectively.

What business are you in?

A simple enough question, but do you describe your business in terms of the benefit derived from your product or services, or simply what you sell?

So a car mechanic might say, “I fix engines” whereas another might say “I get my customers back on the road when their car lets them down”.  Given a choice, which one would you use to solve your problem?

What is your elevator pitch, slogan or tagline?

How would you describe your business in one line or a couple of sentences so a visitor to your site immediately understands what you do?  So many websites make the visitor think too hard.

Describe the products or services you offer?

Be clear about what you offer: list the products and the services so you clearly understand what these are.  Also, be clear which of these generate the most revenue and profit for the business and which of these services you want to grow.

How does your sales process work?

Understand the sales process, document the typical interactions someone has with your business prior to becoming a customer. Be clear about what you need for someone to become a customer.

Describe the service experience in detail

How do you deliver the product or service?  Walk me through the experience from your customer’s perspective.

What is the customer’s experience after you have delivered?

What will the outcome be?  How will they feel about the service and about you?  What benefits will they experience afterwards?

Finally, be clear about the goal of your business

What is the #1 goal of your business? What are the three to five goals that lead directly to achieving the #1 goal? And how will these be measured? (also known as “Key Performance Indicators,” or KPIs.)

Having a clear picture of each of these issues – and being able to explain it to your web professional – will position them to be able to deliver a website that is right for your business and your customers.

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In his third CapitalSpace expert guide, Trevor will explain how to understand your customers in more detail.

If you have any questions about how to start a successful web project, you can contact Trevor Spink at or 01892 534044.

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