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How can a cow promote business?

How can a cow promote business?
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How can a cow promote business?
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

What have a life-sized concrete cow and CapitalSpace customer The Sowerby Group got in common? Well, they’re coming together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes by doing something a little different. Under the name of Herd about MK, Sowerby will be decorating the bovine sculpture on behalf of CapitalSpace.

Clients that matter

The Sowerby Group offers a variety of skills, such as advertising, design, print, brand identity and digital marketing. The company was founded 24 years ago by Sue Sowerby, who decided to seize the opportunity of a gap in the market.  Its subsequent success has largely been due to the personal touch, according to the director of marketing, Nicola Wisbey: ‘The personal, one-on-one service we provide to each and every client (UK and Internationally) is our biggest selling point.’

A successful partnership

The business moved into CapitalSpace’s Harlow centre in 2011 as they were looking for a flexible contract that best suited their business: ‘We were looking for an easy-in, easy-out facility, where we could move around and grow/decrease the team as the market dictates. Parking was extremely important, as was the friendliness of the centre team. We provide our customers with exceptional customer service, so it was extremely important for us to receive this kind of service back.’

This has led to many new opportunities: ‘The CapitalSpace team here in Harlow has been extremely polite, friendly and accommodating to our business. We have met lots of tenants on site and managed to do business with our neighbours, as well as the CapitalSpace team.’

Mooving on up

Their successful growth within CapitalSpace has also led to The Sowerby Group’s involvement in the Herd about MK campaign, which celebrates Milton Keynes’ 50th anniversary by bringing art to the city, whilst contributing to local charities (Willen Hospice, MK Community Foundation and MK Dons SET).

50 concrete cows are set to become residents in the town, one of which is being sponsored by CapitalSpace; The Sowerby Group will be branding it on our behalf: ‘It’s a challenging project, which requires lots of research, creative brainstorming and exceptional attention to detail. We met with the Milton Keynes Business Centre Manager and the Central Support team to discuss the brief and have put some creative concepts forward for consideration.’

It’s certainly a fun project, but what will it achieve?  ‘The whole aim is to create awareness of the Business Centre – which falls on the outskirts of the town itself – as a business hub where companies can really take off.  Especially with the flexibility that the CapitalSpace brand offers to all types of business owners.’

The  is going to be placed around Milton Keynes and will participate in parades, networking events and much more throughout 2017. ‘We cannot give away too much at this stage, but we are certain this campaign will put the Milton Keynes Business Centre on the map.’

If you’re in Milton Keynes, we’d love to see your selfie with the CapitalSpace MK50 cow by sending to @CapitalSpace

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