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The ins and outs of a great office space

The ins and outs of a great office space
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The ins and outs of a great office space
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Is your office space working for you?  Productivity in the office can start to lag if you aren’t in the right environment, but simple changes can boost concentration and work ethic.

Is your workspace ergonomic?

While working long hours at the computer, you and your employees may feel aches and pains because our bodies weren’t meant to stay at a 90-degree angle all day.  If your workforce isn’t working comfortably, they are unlikely to be at their most productive.

The good news is that you can boost productivity and creativity through a few simple, ergonomic steps. For example, the position of screens, the keyboard and mouse all affect the way you work. There are also special chairs that adapt to your body to give a more comfortable experience, which in turn will lead to more motivated employees.

Does your workspace represent your brand?

One thing that customers and staff find attractive in a workspace is the overall look and feel of an office, which is one of the most obvious ways that the culture of your brand is brought to life.  For example, if you are trying to present a brand that is warm, welcoming and creative, your office needs to mirror these qualities; if it’s dull, grey and gloomy, it can be harder to retain your employees and customers, as your office is at odds with the values your business claims to manifest.  Ways of creating a workspace that aligns with your brand values might include introducing different colours, different style desks, creative lights and art across the walls.

Do you have the right facilities?

There are some things that you may not find important, but your employees do. These might include:

  • places to park
  • a place to make hot drinks
  • different-style keyboards
  • areas for staff to meet
  • comfortable social areas
  • outside benches

These kind of perks will make it much easier for you to attract and retain the highest quality employees.  And if they feel welcome and that their voices are being heard, it will be reflected in their work; motivation comes from many things and is not always related to pay alone.

The CapitalSpace solution

CapitalSpace business premises provide all sorts of facilities and options, ranging from outdoor areas that have been specifically designed to create a calm, stress-free environment to cafes and free parking plus  cycle stands. Along with our Easy-in, Easy-out monthly licence plans, you are sure to find the right office space for you and your employees that will promote motivation and a great work ethic.

The right office environment will help you attract and retain the staff and the customers you want.

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business,  call 0800 107 3667