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Printing your dream brand

Printing your dream brand
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Printing your dream brand
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

If you want to promote your brand, one great way of doing it is through marketing materials like business cards and flyers. Customer HGA Print, at the CapitalSpace Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, specialise in creating quality print for your business to gain more brand awareness.

Choosing what’s best for you

Providing a wide range of services, HGA are experts in their field and cover all your needs. Bruce Gill of HGA said: ‘HGA is a creative solutions agency specialising in design, digital media, video and 3D animation. Plus, we have the latest in-house print capabilities ranging from brochure, flyers and business cards to large format. In fact, there isn’t much we can’t print onto.

‘Our philosophy is to treat each request from our clients as an opportunity to pass on our expert advice so that they are getting the best output and best result possible.  At HGA we love to work alongside our clients from beginning to end: helping you to define the single purpose for your business and then translating it into ideas that communicate your core message into effective marketing products. We are passionate about all things design, delivering a range of creative solutions to clients locally, regionally and nationally.’

A successful relationship

HGA started off as a family company who were working from home, but after a while they needed to expand in order to grow.  As with so many of our customers, they didn’t choose CapitalSpace for the accommodation alone, but also the added benefits that come with our packages: ‘HGA have been with CapitalSpace for three years.  We chose CapitalSpace for its location and facilities and ability to scale up. We’re even in the process of renting a bigger space right now.’

The future of HGA

HGA are focused on creating the best experience for their clients and are adamant about their success through their product ‘Our vision, like all SME’s, is to attract a larger client base. We measure our success on having happy clients, and with that comes more opportunities to progress and become more successful in the future.’

Whether you are an established organisation looking for a fresh communication base, or a new company setting up, HGA will provide the guidance, research, expertise and final product to give your idea a great platform for success.

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business,  call 0800 107 3667