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Fighting fire

Fighting fire
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Fighting fire
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

A key part of CapitalSpace’s commitment to our customers is to keep them safe, through well designed and maintained facilities and an ongoing programme of health and safety training for our staff.  Our aim is that the worst will never happen – but we make sure that if it did, our teams would know what to do.

For the benefit of all

With nine business centres across the South East, each with their own dedicated teams, making sure all staff know how to keep facilities, customers and contractors safe is a big undertaking.  That’s why we recently re-trained all nine teams in manual handling and fire awareness.

‘The course benefits both customers and contractors working in the premises as they know their well-being and safety is a priority and they see the practical application of this through regular fire evacuation drills, weekly fire alarm tests, emergency light testing and other checks such as water testing,’ explained Churchill Square Business Centre Manager, Sue Billings, who co-ordinates Health and Safety.

CapitalSpace encourages all its employees to be actively involved in maintaining the safest possible operating conditions and practices: ‘Every member of the company, including Peter Boam the Managing Director, received the further training, which was delivered by one of our customers, ETS Health & Safety Ltd, who also act as the health and safety advisors to the company.

ETS Health & Safety can provide customised training and are passionate about easing the strain placed upon businesses due to the ever-increasing legislative burden placed upon them. Their aim is to take a common-sense approach and to provide training and advice which are free of jargon and complicated risk management solutions.’

Raising awareness

The main goal was to make sure people are able to deal with health and safety risks and know what to do in an emergency fire: ‘There was the fun element in the manual handing training – particularly seeing colleagues practice lifting boxes and stories about using fire extinguishers.  But everyone appreciated the serious messages delivered and the need to reduce risks: over 1 million people are injured in work each year.

‘The importance of the training was driven home by the health and safety consultant who delivered it, Chris Leid, through anecdotes from his previous careers in the military and as a fire assessor.’

Later this year all the Centre Managers for CapitalSpace will receive more health and safety training to refresh their knowledge in risk management and legionella, which is all as part of our ongoing programme to keep the health and safety of our customers, contractors and staff a priority. 

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