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Doing business in mystery

Doing business in mystery
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Doing business in mystery
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

‘Transforming heart-centred businesses’ is the core motivation of our customer Mystic Mouse who are based at the Churchill Business Centre in Kings Hill The company estimates they have already transformed tens of thousands of lives.  We’ve been finding out how.

A New Age journey

Sharon Lynn, owner of Mystic Mouse, described herself as an Entrepreneurial Lightworker.  It’s not the standard way a director of a company describes themselves, so what does it mean?  ‘I’m an intuitive business consultant bringing together the worlds of spirituality and business for spiritual practitioners, healers and therapists who want to become financially free doing what they love.

‘It all started when my husband and I bought a New Age stall in 2000 and we trained as crystal healers. I spent years travelling around the UK running workshops on various aspects of spirituality, higher awareness, healing and multi-dimensionality. In 2006, I set up Mystic Mouse Publishing to produce my own oracle deck – The Crystal Skull Message Cards.’

The perfect office

For Mystic Mouse to grow, they needed to find the right accommodation that met their specific needs: ‘At the end of 2015, Lorenzo (my business partner) and I took a 'busman's holiday' to figure out where the business was going. I had always visualised having an office and knew that CapitalSpace had one small one available (as I had previously enquired about meeting rooms and ended up on the mailing list). All I was looking for was somewhere nice in the Kings Hill area (as that's half way between where Lorenzo and I live) that had parking - anything else would be a bonus.

‘I met with Sue Billings, centre manager at Churchill Business Centre, viewed two offices and fell in love with 'my' little room in building 60 - Suite 34. The fact we get discounted meeting room hire, there's always parking on site for our attendees, and from my window I can watch the squirrels and woodpecker are all added benefits! The girls (Sue, Sandra, Sally and Tina) are always awesome. I’ve never known such an efficient team! They are always on hand to take my calls or visits to reception, and the fact I can send and receive parcels is an immense help.’

What’s coming up?

Looking forward, Mystic Mouse are planning on focusing their attention on the growth of other businesses: ‘My vision for Mystic Mouse and The Entrepreneurial Lightworker is continued evolution and growth, both on and offline for training and consultancy. We will continue to serve, transform and grow heart-centred businesses through the Get Writing, Get Published! Consultancy, Foundation for Financial Freedom courses and our new Business Growth Mastermind Retreats

‘I had thought I would upsize to accommodate staff as we grow, but with outsourcing I don't believe that will now be the case. Our ultimate vision is to run a lifestyle business 'working from home' again. However, it is likely we will still hire the meeting rooms and maybe take advantage of the 'virtual office’.’

Spiritual success

Sharon is very proud of the way her business has developed over the years: ‘I already consider our businesses a success. Due to the many facets of our business – training, consultancy, products, services and events – we have already transformed tens of thousands of lives. We also support charities with our work, and we are about to re-release our Wolf Life Path Cards, raising awareness of The UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

‘On a personal level, I feel when we are living in, and running the business from, our dream home, then I will know we've truly 'made it'. Overall our success will be measured both financially and by how many lives and heart-centred businesses we transform.’

It’s great when a company measures their success by the success of their customers – values which we share at CapitalSpace.

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business,  call 0800 107 3667