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Meeting to support our local charities

Meeting to support our local charities
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Meeting to support our local charities
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Community is incredibly important across all CapitalSpace business centres, which is why when Milton Keynes Business Centre saw local charity Willen Hospice in need, we felt it was vital that we start a fundraising campaign.

A helping hand

Willen Hospice needs to raise £3.6 million from the local community to remain open and offer their services, which include providing specialist end-of-life care for adults like symptom control, emotional support, spiritual support and care for carers.  Our Centre team came up with the idea to rename one of the Milton Keynes meeting rooms ‘The Willen Room’ and to donate £1.00 for every hour the room was booked across a two-month period to the Hospice.

Support from local companies such as Milton Keynes Business Centre contributes greatly in raising funds and in extending the Hospice profile, according to fundraising manager Dawn Clark: ‘The support from Milton Keynes Business Centre has been brilliant. Much of the funds we need to raise each year greatly rely on the support of fundraising initiatives from organisations and the local community; without supporters like Milton Keynes Business Centre, we couldn’t provide the care we do for our patients and their loved ones.’

Milton Keynes 50th birthday

The idea of the Willen Room coincided with Herd About MK, a not-for-profit organisation that is part of the MK50 celebrations, which has raised funds for charity by encouraging local businesses to sponsor a herd of concrete cows.   CapitalSpace’s cow, Ann Dromeda, influenced the decoration of the Willen Room, with cow-orientated decorations in the meeting room.

The timing is perfect, coinciding with Milton Keynes Business Centre celebrating their own 10-year anniversary. Lynn Patey-Smith, centre manager at Milton Keynes, said: ‘It’s great to be celebrating Milton Keynes’ 50th Birthday by giving something back to one of our local charities. It was fantastic to see the support everyone gave to the fundraising campaign for such a fabulous cause as Willen Hospice.’

Over the two months we booked 455 hours of meeting room space in the centre and we pledged to donate £1 for each hour booked – totalling £455. Anther fantastic addition to the money that has been raised for local charities as part of MK50.

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