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50 years of community growth

50 years of community growth
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50 years of community growth
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Businesses from across Milton Keynes have been coming together throughout 2017 to celebrate Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday, but not in the way you might think. The name of the campaign, ‘Herd About MK’, might give you an idea of what the celebrations involved.

The Herd about MK campaign focused on bringing art to Milton Keynes to commemorate the town’s impressive growth since it was created half a century ago, whilst also contributing to local charities: Willen HospiceMK Community Foundation and MK Dons Sports and Education Trust. To raise funds for the charities, businesses sponsored concrete cows decorated to represent their brands.  The concrete bovines were initially paraded at Middleton Hall in the Milton Keynes shopping centre, before popping up all over the town, with local people able to win prizes by taking part in a Hunt The Herd treasure hunt.

The last event in the year was the Gala dinner, which was held at the MK Dons Stadium on Thursday 16th November. After this sponsored event, the cows either went into retirement at their sponsoring company or were auctioned on the night to raise money for the three designated charities.

The CapitalSpace cow

Lynn Patey-Smith, the Milton Keynes Business Centre manager said “Milton Keynes has always been associated with the concrete cow and so when the “Herd About MK” campaign was conceived, we jumped at the chance to have our own Milton Keynes Business Centre version of this local icon – We felt that this was the best way to really celebrate the 50th anniversary of the town whilst also being able to  use the campaign to raise the exposure of our centre, showcase our great facilities and easy terms and also support local charities whose work is so vital.’

‘As essentially, we offer “space” to our customers, we dressed our cow as an astronaut and named her Ann Dromeda the Space Cow. Ann has had quite a busy few months: She first paraded with all the other cows at the opening of the year at Middleton Hall. After this she was based at the Willen Hospice during their ‘Marquee Week’ of fundraising events between 20th and 24th June before taking part in the Hospice’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the MK Midnight Moo walk on 15th July. She supported us at the Daytona race day in September and finally got her glad rags on for the gala Dinner this month. I think after this she deserves a good rest standing proudly outside the Business Centre to continue to let people know what we do best.’

Dawn Clark, fundraising manager at Willen Hospice, said: ‘The support we’ve had from the Milton Keynes Business Centre and other organisations in getting involved in ‘Herd about MK’ is just fantastic. As one of the three charities benefiting from this initiative, we’d like to say a huge thank you for the support and generosity of everyone involved. We’ve also very much enjoyed seeing Ann Dromeda the Space Cow at some of our summer fundraising events.’

We’re very proud to have been involved with such a great cause and if you’ve seen our cow Ann Dromeda around Milton Keynes, make sure to send us your pictures through our Twitter profile @CapitalSpace.

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