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Proud sponsors of new blueprint for mid and later life

Proud sponsors of new blueprint for mid and later life
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Proud sponsors of new blueprint for mid and later life
by Jason Hill
Marketing Co-ordinator - CapitalSpace

We are delighted to announce that CapitalSpace has become the first corporate sponsor of 50 Challenges, a movement set up by our marketing expert, Siobhan Stirling of Sharp Minds Communications, to encourage people aged 50+ to do more than they ever believed possible.  Siobhan wants people to achieve their dreams – both the big ones and the everyday things that define your life – which perfectly matches the CapitalSpace philosophy of helping business owners to achieve their ambitions.

A challenging vision

50 Challenges aims to inspire, support and celebrate people aged 50 and over to do more, achieve more and be more than they ever thought possible.  It was set up by Siobhan as she approached her 50th birthday as she realised that she was stronger, mentally and physically, than at any other time of her life, and that previous role models for what it is to be 50, 60 or 70 are no longer relevant.

50 Challenges was launched by Siobhan when she ran the New York Marathon on 5 November, the day after her 50th birthday, in a personal best of 3:53:24.  CapitalSpace has sponsored her marathon effort in aid of the MS Society.  ‘The New York Marathon marked the first two of the 50 Challenges I am setting myself to achieve across my 50s: to complete the marathon and to raise £50,000 for multiple sclerosis before I turn 60,’ commented Siobhan, who chose to raise money for the MS Society because close friends have the disease.  ‘It’s absolutely fantastic that CapitalSpace are lending their support.  It’s given a huge injection to my fundraising and will help make a real difference to the support and research that the MS Society are able to provide for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.’

Parallel values

The aims of 50 Challenges resonate with CapitalSpace.  ‘We see our role as being a true partner in our customers’ success, which means providing far more than four walls and a fast internet connection: it means giving them access to the business intelligence and support they need to achieve their dreams,’ explained managing director Peter Boam.  ‘So when Siobhan approached us for sponsorship, we were delighted to support her.  Completing a marathon is in itself a huge achievement, but as the launch for 50 Challenges, Siobhan is using it to help inspire and motivate others to achieve more than they ever thought possible, which is something that echoes the CapitalSpace philosophy.’

‘We’re thrilled that Siobhan has set herself such an ambitious target to raise £50,000 for the MS community and we’re delighted that CapitalSpace have helped her get off to a flying start,’ added Nicky Turner, area fundraiser at the MS Society. ‘Her challenges over the next 10 years will help us support more than 100,000 people living with MS in the UK and drive innovative research into the condition.’

A way of life

50 Challenges is not a mad, bucket list dash for a year.  ‘It’s a way of life, completing 50 challenges across your 50s, looking to change mindsets and create a new blueprint for mid and later life as we get more time to ourselves after the demands of careers and young families during our 30s and 40s,’ explained Siobhan.  ‘Unlike previous generations, we’re in the privileged position of knowing that we’ve probably got another good 40 years ahead of us.  50 Challenges is about thinking about how we want to shape those years and how we want to define ourselves in our later decades.’

Although Siobhan launched 50 Challenges with the New York Marathon, it is not about endurance events.  ‘The challenges need to be relevant to you, and they need to inspire and motivate you,’ said Siobhan.  ‘If you haven’t exercised for years, completing your first 5k or committing to walk 6,000 steps a day for a year would be fantastic challenges.  But, although physical health is really important for all of us, it’s not all about being more active.  We are suggesting that people achieve a mix of Mind Motivators, Body Challenges and Soul Goals.  We’ve got loads of suggestions as to what these could be on the website – anything from singing in a rock choir to learning a new card game every month for a year – but we know people will have their own ideas as to what will extend and stimulate them.’

Next steps

So, after the big launch in New York, what’s next for Siobhan and 50 Challenges?  ‘My third challenge is to read a book a month across my 50s, and my fourth challenge is to walk 10,000 steps every day for a year,’ said Siobhan.  ‘This is almost a bigger challenge than training for the marathon, as it means rethinking my lifestyle – the days when I don’t run I often don’t walk further than the kettle in the office – but it’s the single change that I think will have the biggest impact on my overall health and wellbeing.’

‘As to 50 Challenges, after the major push to get ready for the launch, we now have to get the word out.  We are looking to encourage organisations that have similar values and ambitions, such as ParkRun and cycling groups, to tell their members about 50 Challenges, so we’d love any introductions to groups whose members might be interested in finding out how 50 Challenges could help enrich their lives beyond their half century.’

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