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Attracting customers from all over the world

Attracting customers from all over the world
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Attracting customers from all over the world
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

There aren’t many small businesses whose customers travel from around the world for their services, but that’s the case for CapitalSpace customer Straight Lines Tattoo, based at our Seedbed Centre in Loughton.  With every design created uniquely for each customer, and a team of highly skilled ink artists, they make sure that each client leaves with a tattoo that is personal, beautiful and memorable. 

A true passion

Straight Line Tattoo is not any old walk-in and get inked in a drunken whim tattoo parlour.  They take bookings months in advance for their carefully selected visiting tattoo artists, with many designs custom created.

It’s evident that it’s a passion for creativity that inspired founder Bobby Bakalov to start the business: ‘I’ve always had a love for creating something special for my customers and seeing the satisfaction they get from the very personal work we provide. We’ve been running for two and half years and have had many customers who have been incredibly happy with their new tattoos.

Finding the best environment

To fulfill his needs for the specialist service he provides, Bobby needed somewhere where he could let his art flow and the Seedbed Centre was perfect: ‘The location of the centre is great and allows customers from all over to access it very easily (we have customers come to us from all around).  It’s also very private, which is ideal. The staff have

been very helpful to us and the facilities, like collecting our mail for us when we are away, that come along with the accommodation suit our needs very well.’

An exclusive service

Having a point of difference is vital for business success; for Straight Lines Tattoo, this difference is the exclusive experience that you won’t experience from other tattoo providers: ‘Every tattoo we provide is very personal and is customised exactly to the customer’s specifications, which makes us different from others. I am not focused on the money that comes from our business, but the customers who walk through our door.

‘Hearing people talk about their tattoos across social media is great to see and is whatmakes the business shine. We want to stand out from all the others and be known for the exclusive service that our customers get from our artists. We’ve been invited to a competition next March for best tattoo studio in the country and are very excited.’

With over 60 five-star ratings, you just have to look at their Facebook page reviews to see the enthusiasm of Straight Line Tattoo customers – the most commonly used word is ‘AMAZING!’.  We wish them the best of luck for the upcoming competition.

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