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Helping drive your business forward

Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Sometimes it’s hard to solve all the problems that arise in your business on your own. That’s why customer Discidium, based at our Churchill Square Business Centre in Kings Hill, is in the business of helping you grow.

Breaking down barriers  

Discidium is a business growth consultancy, specialising in agile solutions to get you over potential hurdles and onto a smoother path for future success. Ricky Strong project manager of Discidium explains: ‘We are a boutique consultancy utilising creative and disruptive innovation techniques to break down traditional barriers to fast-paced change. As a group of directors from the private sector we understood the need for a new way of agile working and thinking that would drive the speed of change that businesses face. 

‘Being a small company, we are agile and able to implement change at a fast pace. Everyone has the authority and ability to not just tell our clients how change can happen, but to deliver it alongside them.’ 

Choosing where to begin  

There are many decisions to make when starting a new business and one of them is where you plan on setting up shop. For Discidium, the services CapitalSpace provides stood out: ‘We moved here in the run-up to Christmas, choosing CapitalSpace primarily for its proximity and facilities. Being a newly built office, we felt CapitalSpace offered a safe, clean and modern environment from which to launch our business. 

‘To date our experience of CapitalSpace has been fantastic. The team here has been very helpful and patient with our initial flurry of deliveries and we have had no issues to report with our office or any of the facilities we use. We have been particularly impressed with the level of calm and quiet within the office.’ 

Building a reputation  

In order to help future clients succeed in their business journey, Discidium is looking to increase their own brand awareness: ‘We want to grow and establish a reputation for enabling organisations to tackle their challenges in a more innovative way, helping them to drive fast-paced change that involves teams directly in defining and leading the change. 

‘We want to be seen as more delivery focused than more traditional consultancies. We want to do so working with likeminded companies, where everyone recognises the need for diverse thinking that puts staff and customers at the centre. We relish the challenge of helping companies who have tried and failed, no matter their size. 

‘We will measure success by the number of successful engagements where the customer has been able to see and measure the difference we have made, and the changes have been adopted as solutions that they want to sustain going forwards.’ 

We’re delighted that Discidium have chosen our flexible business accommodation as the launch pad for their agile business consultancy – and look forward to sharing their growth and successes with them.  

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business, 

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