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Looking out for clients

Looking out for clients
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Looking out for clients
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Meet our model customer Diligent Law, based at our Churchill Business Centre in Kings Hill.  They summarise the CapitalSpace experience, using our virtual offices to get their business off the ground before moving into an  office and then taking on additional units as their business has grown.  Key to their success is their very personal motivation to put themselves in their clients’ shoes.

A life-changing experience  

Diligent Law was set up in early 2014 by Sean Burton as he felt that people weren’t getting the services they deserved: ‘I’m from a working-class background and grew up in a mining village in the North of England. From a very young age, I saw how people without the means or knowledge to protect their rights were disadvantaged and often poorly treated. I had a desire to help them and stand up for their rights. The biggest influence though was being seriously injured in a road accident at the age of 18, which was life changing. 

‘My insurers appointed solicitors to act on my behalf; I knew the outcome of my case was important, but I didn’t really understand the process. The experience motivated me to read Law at university; my case took five long years to settle and I never felt that my solicitors obtained the best result for me. I got to see the case from a client’s point of view and I decided then and there that I would always try to help people, explain things to them clearly and run the case as if I was in their shoes. 

‘I, personally, have acted for both claimants and defendants. I have also experienced what it’s like to be a client in a major case. These things give me a unique perspective. Together with my business partner, Brendan Mc Nicholas, we have a wealth of legal experience.

Client care is at the core of our business; clients are often apprehensive about contacting a solicitor and so we make every effort to ensure that we are approachable, welcoming and friendly. We try to explain the law and legal processes in simple, everyday language that is easy to understand.’ 

CapitalSpace journey  

CapitalSpace offer virtual offices to businesses who aren’t yet ready for formal business accommodation; in January 2015, Diligent Law decided to take advantage of this: ‘Funding the start-up costs of a business is always challenging so being able to take a virtual office really helped us to keep costs down as we built up our client base. We upgraded to a single-person office in July 2015. We outgrew the office almost immediately and took a larger space the following month. In mid-2016 we doubled our floor space by taking a second office across the corridor from our main office. 

CapitalSpace was recommended to us by a few different people. I already had experience of other serviced-office space in Kings Hill. I had a client following in Kings Hill and so my primary aim was to find office space in the vicinity. I heard that businesses tended to stay with CapitalSpace for years and this attracted me because the last thing I wanted was to sign up for a ‘cheap’ initial 6 months and then have to move out when the rates substantially increased.

‘I found CapitalSpace’s flexible ‘easy in, easy out’ policy to be very reassuring and their charging structure fair and easy to understand. We often think about leasing premises, but the staff at CapitalSpace look after us too well, and we feel too much at home here to move out!’ 

Keeping busy  

Diligent Law have seen natural and quick growth over the last three years and it’s only going to get busier: ‘We intend to take some time to consolidate. Obviously, we’ll always have an eye out for those opportunities that are too good to miss! It’s likely that we’ll need to take on more office space in the next 12 months. It’s a real benefit that we can just take more space in the same building when we want (subject to availability of course). 

‘If we’d leased premises, we would probably have had to move three times in the last three years, which is no fun when you run a busy business. Being able to take extra offices in the same business centre saves the cost of redoing stationary and updating Companies House.’ 

It's easy to see why Diligent Law has grown so quickly. Their attitude towards their client’s wellbeing is a truly inspiring and people are obviously picking up on it.  

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business,  call 0800 107 3667