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Results that drive success

Results that drive success
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Results that drive success
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Whatever the size of a project, when you’re working with a marketing team you want them to give it their best. Customer Makilo, based at our Milton Keynes Business Centre, are a marketing agency that give their all for every client.

Combining forces

Any business knows that teamwork is important for success, whether that be with employees or other organisations. Makilo’s team came together through both channels, as director of marketing Paul Johnson explained: ‘We are a team of specialists, each with our own expertise in a field, these include web development, graphic design, Google Pay Per Click, SEO, social media and digital marketing.

‘We initially had two separate companies, I was a consultant and Tom Barrington and Chris Tilt ran a design studio. We first met on a joint project and realised that we could offer something unique by working together in a new venture. Using our years of experience, we offer a results-driven service: we’re all about increasing ROI. We believe in being honest with our clients; if the strategy they are currently using is not going to get them the results they want, we tell them and provide a solution. Because of this, we have an excellent portfolio of happy clients ranging from small localised charities to international companies.’

More than just business accommodation

When customers come across CapitalSpace, we often find they choose us for more than just the office space they’re looking for. Maikilo chose us over other business accommodation providers for a variety of reasons. ‘We first moved into CapitalSpace approximately six months ago. We chose the location because of it’s proximity to Central Milton Keynes, the M1 and A5. The ability to scale up in the future with ease is essential for us, as well as having very helpful staff at reception to answer our questions. It just seemed like a much better fit than the other locations we looked at, and we looked at a lot!’ said director of development Tom Barrington. 

‘Pretty much everything we need is on site or catered for by another business. There are even personal trainers in the adjacent building, as well as a café. Whenever we have had an issue, whether that be internet, setting up phones properly or requesting refreshments for meetings, staff have always been very helpful and found a solution. The facilities are very well maintained throughout the building. We have even recently recommended the premises to another business we closely work with who have just moved in this week,’ added director of design Chris Tilt. 

Adwords specialist Pat Barrington commented: ‘There’s a great feeling in the building; we are always meeting new people and chatting whilst making coffee in the kitchen.’ 

Moving on up

Makilo has grown significantly over the past 12 months as happy clients have spread the word of their services. As they grow, it’s great to know our accommodation can help: ‘We aim to be taking on more staff very soon and expanding our offering further. This will likely mean us wanting to scale up our accommodation and deciding between taking on a large office space or a dedicated unit,’ explained Paul Johnson. 

Makilo is always trying to improve in order to help their clients: ‘We always measure our success by the results of the last project we complete. As the level of project requirements has increased, so has the quality of the end result,’ remarked Pat Barrington. ‘Our industry is constantly evolving alongside the available technology. Recent projects have had us working on social media bots and even exploring artificial reality.  Who knows what we’ll be asked to work on in five years!’ 

‘We want every piece of work that comes out of our office to be our next best case study or portfolio piece. That’s what has got us this far and that’s why we are making a name for ourselves as an agency.’ 

If you still want further proof of Makilo’s dedication to their clients, just have a look at their website, which is full of happy customer testimonials.  

To find out how Capital Space business premises could benefit your growing business,  call 0800 107 3667