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Attention to detail

Attention to detail
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Attention to detail
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

It’s likely you’ve seen or heard about cases of building projects going wrong. Studious Ltd are a customer at our Churchill Square Centre in Kings Hill who endeavour to ensure that projects will at least meet minimum standards for health, safety and energy.

A passion for variation

Some people leave school with a very firm idea of a linear career path.  Others zig zag a bit until they work out where their passion lies.  For Stuart Brown, it was realising that he liked variety and working outdoors that led him to set up Studious Ltd, a small Approved Inspector business which assesses building schemes for compliance with Building Regulations: ‘From school I had a spell working as a motorcycle courier and on local farms (mid Kent had working farms then!). I then started work with a medium-sized building contractor in Tonbridge, as I liked being outdoors. 

‘I now enjoy working in a varied environment where no two projects are the quite the same. We specialise in small- to medium-sized domestic and commercial projects throughout Kent and Sussex and we work from a single office to promote communication of ideas and discussion amongst staff.’ 

Plenty to choose from  

As business accommodation providers, CapitalSpace take pride in the added benefits that we deliver for our customers, something Studious Ltd has picked up on: ‘We moved into offices in Kings Hill in 2013 to take a small single office. I chose Kings Hill as it has close amenities for employees, excellent phone and IT facilities, good meeting rooms, exceptional centre staff, plenty of available parking and excellent access for transport by rail and road allowing us to reach sites when required. 

‘My experience as a customer has been greatly satisfying; the accommodation, centre and staff have always fully met the needs of my business. We have also moved from a single office to a larger one; we then needed additional space of an adjacent office, which was also a painless process to set up.’ 

Sustainable growth  

Stuart has a number of ideas of how to progress the company over the upcoming years: ‘My vision is to maintain our current customer base to continue to grow this in a sustainable way, without overstretching my resources. I would also like to continue to provide a good place for my excellent staff to work.’ 

With the construction sector predicted to grow until 2021, Studious Ltd are well positioned to provide their expertise to projects across Kent from their base in Kings Hill.  

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