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Bringing a revolution to the industry

Bringing a revolution to the industry
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Bringing a revolution to the industry
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Having the ability to stand back and see what your field is lacking is something that can be a huge factor in becoming successful. Customer The Plumbing Group, based at our Milton Keynes Business Centre, stepped up to fill a gap in the market.  Their vision has led to them being the fastest-growing cylinder manufacturer in the UK.

Finding a solution  

With a wide range of experience to help them, The Plumbing Group knew what they needed to do to stand out. Gary McCauley, Managing Director, said: ‘Our company and product ethos was transparent from the outset: let’s strip things back to basics. Our management team, with 50 years combined experience working in the hot water cylinder industry, we were constantly being confronted with the same issues when it came to hot water cylinder repairs and replacements. They felt the current market lacked choice, the products are not offering customers peace of mind with prolonged warranties, and the replacements are unnecessarily over engineered. 

We approached the UK’s leading stainless-steel cylinder manufacturer, Fabdec, to collaborate with them to develop a range of cylinders which could fill the void in the market place.  After working carefully alongside Fabdec, who have been designing, and manufacturing cylinders since the early 1960’s, we produced simple, yet effective, designs, which essentially eliminated the complex electronics found on modern cylinders. 

Stripping the designs back to basics has numerous advantages for both installer and home owner, which was the dual goal we wanted to achieve. Coming from an installer background we wanted to ensure the products are easy to install, repair, and maintain. At the same time, we wanted to offer a product to the customer which was cost effective and reliable, which we have achieved not only through fewer parts to fail but also by offering a ten-year warranty.’ 

The ideal business accommodation  

For their operations to run smoothly, The Plumbing Group needed an office space which suited their needs: ‘We moved to CapitalSpace in September 2016, following the acquisition of the previous tenant’s company. Milton Keynes was a good fit for us with ideal travel links to London and Birmingham, meaning our engineers are centralised to the areas we cover. 

‘The challenge for us was trying to find a location which could cope with large deliveries and a secure overnight location for our fleet. CapitalSpace business centre fulfilled all of these obligations and was the ideal choice. We initially rented a smaller studio office and as our company has grown, CapitalSpace has accommodated our growth; we now occupy a large office with warehousing facilities.’ 

Striving for success  

The vision that led to the founding of The Plumbing Group has continued to motivate the team, leading to more innovative products.  A big change in the world of cylinders happened in 1986, when unvented cylinders were legalised.  Taking their feeds directly from the mains water supply, unvented cylinders have eliminated the need for a cold-water tank in the attic, meaning they can be installed on any level in the house.   But The Plumbing Group have taken unvented cylinders to a whole new level: ‘We have recently launched a revolutionary unvented hot water cylinder, which removes the risk of legionella from the ‘dead leg’ of the expansion vessel through a patented valve which replenishes the internal expansion device permanently.’ 

With their revolutionary new product getting a lot of press, The Plumbing Group are on the right track to meeting their goal of filling the void in the marketplace.  They’re already looking forward to the possibility of a bigger unit within the Milton Keynes Business Centre.  

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