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Turning up the heat for 80 years

Turning up the heat for 80 years
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Turning up the heat for 80 years
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

If you’re a manufacturer, you need reliable parts to build your own reputation.  For companies needing heating components, customer Richard Hedin Ltd, based at our Seedbed Centre in Loughton, is committed to providing a product range that won’t let you down.

A family business

For over 80 years, Richard Hedin Ltd has been supplying high-quality heaters to the commercial sector. George Ketley, executive assistant at Richard Hedin, said: ‘We provide a wide range of products including strip heaters, rod elements and control panels and offer a good technical service, reliable deliveries and competitive prices. Also, if any problems are ever encountered we can provide breakdown services. The industries we supply include oven manufacturers, packagers and caterers, among many others.’  

Easy access  

The right office was needed for the team at Hedin to prosper and CapitalSpace was at the top of the list: ‘Richard himself originally chose the Seedbed Centre for our business location. He lives very close, so it was an ideal choice. It’s also very close to the M11 and M25, so makes it easy for us to get back and forth. The staff at the centre are very accommodating and have helped us with any needs we’ve had.’ 

What’s next?

Looking forward, Richard Hedin Ltd are hoping to carry on with their reputation of providing high-quality customer service and products: ‘We’re committed to making sure that every one of our clients is treated well. Our products are of a high standard, but we’re always ready to come out and help sort out breakdowns if there’s ever any problems, which we believe makes us stand out from the competition.’ 

We believe in always adding value to our business accommodation and it seems that Richard Hedin are of the same mind with the extra services they offer to their clients.  

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