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A trusted, quality service

A trusted, quality service
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A trusted, quality service
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We all know that biggest doesn’t necessarily mean best.  In fact, a smaller team often delivers a level of care and commitment that you don’t find from bigger players. A perfect example of this is customer SEM Gas, based at our Capital Business Centre in Croydon, who provide a range of services across the South East.

Building a reputation  

Surrey Environmental Maintenance Ltd began in 1996 and have proven to be a quality, trustworthy business over the years.  ‘We are classed as a micro company but work with massive companies and do a lot of large jobs for both commercial and domestic clients,’ explains office manager Helen Chisholm. ‘Our services include heating, plumbing, air conditioning and water treatment systems for both the commercial and domestic sector. We service and maintain a lot of the boilers and gas for several clients, including Greggs, who we have a contract with. We think that people choose us because of the quality, the efficiency and making sure we get things done correctly first time, as many customers say they call us in to correct other people’s mistakes.   

‘Chris Pocock founded the company in 1996, after gaining experience with a large company, and worked with his son for many years before he took on more staff. He is starting to focus more on the office side now and is in the process of growing the business, so it’s expanded from a two-man operation to a team of in-house technicians supported by contractors covering the South East.’ 

Setting up base  

SEM Gas has been at CapitalSpace for about four years and have had a good experience: ‘There is a very friendly atmosphere here. You meet a lot of nice people around the office and find yourself chatting at lunch with people in the Café, which we love.  Building up relationships with our neighbours helps as we’re using the same space; it makes people more considerate about things like how they leave the kitchen. We also greatly appreciate the centre team who are very helpful and always at hand when we may need them,’ 

Taking pride in what they do  

SEM Gas aren’t looking to conquer the world but to keep providing the best quality possible to their clients and to make sure people are satisfied with their service. ‘We aren’t looking to be the mightiest global organisation, but we want to take care of everything and make sure we have that reputation of a trusted brand, who will do a good job. We get a lot of people saying, ‘We can’t believe we’ve never worked with you before.’.’ 

It’s great to see SEM Gas building a successful business on a solid reputation – and it’s great to see them enjoying our business accommodation, especially our popular café.

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