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What is a Virtual Office?

What is a Virtual Office?
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What is a Virtual Office?
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Not sure what a virtual office is or how your business might benefit from one? We thought we’d answer some common questions about what they are and how they can help support your business growth. 

What is a virtual office?  

virtual office enables businesses to enhance their professional image without paying the costs associated with owning or renting office space.  A virtual office gives you a professional address and/or phone service without taking up physical office space.  It also means you have the freedom to work from anywhere, backed by the support and structure of a professional organisation who answer calls in your company name and accept post and deliveries on your behalf. 

What types of businesses use virtual offices?  

Many types of businesses take advantage of virtual office services. These include: small business owners who work from home, business owners who travel and need office-style services whilst on the road, new start-ups with limited budgets and companies based in one part of the country who want to show a presence in another region. 

What is the importance of a professional business address?  

Having a professional business centre as your business address enhances your company’s image by showing you are an established organisation operating within a commercial environment.  CapitalSpace provide you with an individual office address which can be included on your website, business cards and in your email signature.  In addition, you can use the business address at the Centre as your registered company address, so you can keep your home address private. 

What are advantages of a professional telephone answering service?

By having real people answer your incoming calls at all times, your business will look bigger than it is and you never risk losing a potential lead by alienating a prospect who doesn’t want to talk to a machine.  Our friendly, skilled reception team can answer your telephone calls received through your dedicated telephone number in your company name and take messages, which are emailed to you. Alternatively, calls can be transferred through to your mobile or a landline telephone, wherever you are working. 

What other services are available for virtual offices?  

CapitalSpace offer a range of business support services which we aim to tailor to each customer’s specific needs. Mail received into your business address can be collected from our Business Centre (which all offer free onsite parking) or you can choose to have it sent to you on a daily or weekly basis as first or second-class post.  Our reception team also advise customers of the delivery of any signed-for or special-delivery items in case they are urgently required. 

Customers with virtual office services have the advantage of hiring meeting and training rooms at the Business Centres at discounted prices.  The rooms offer virtual service customers the chance to meet their suppliers and customers in a professional, modern environment with audio-visual equipment, catering, meet-and-greet facilities and free Wi-Fi. 

All CapitalSpace customers feature on an index board within a centre, exactly the same as our customers who have physical offices, so your company name is visible to callers. 

How long does it take to set up a virtual office?

You can set up a virtual office the same day you get in touch with us.  All we need is:

  • 2 forms of ID for the person taking the service and any associates who collect mail
  • Payment of the deposit for the service (which equates to 2 months of the service fee)
  • Payment of the first month’s service fee in advance
  • A completed direct debit form
  • A signed easy-in, easy-out agreement 

How long are the agreements for?  

We offer straight-forward easy-in, easy-out monthly agreements which enable a customer to start a service at any time and continue until one month’s written notice is provided.  The deposit for the service is refunded in full at the end of the agreement, subject to no outstanding charges. 

There are many benefits to taking out a virtual office. To find out more, visit our Virtual Offices page .  

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