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Which marketing channels? Marketing leaflets

Which marketing channels? Marketing leaflets
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Which marketing channels? Marketing leaflets
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We may live in a digital age, but sometimes you can’t beat putting a piece of paper in someone’s hand.  But before you invest in new marketing leaflets in a bid to further your business growth, read our tips from our marketing expert Siobhan Stirling of Sharp Minds Communications to help you decide whether they’re right for your business goals.

The pros of marketing leaflets

Visually pleasing: Marketing leaflets allow you to showcase what you have to offer through imagery and colour. This is something that people are attracted to and it’s harder to get as much brand colour in other marketing channels. 

More information: Unlike some marketing channels, such as social media, you’re able to offer a lot more in your leaflet. Depending upon the size and design of your leaflet, you can communicate a range of services or products, as well as why people should choose you – and how to get hold of you. 

Reusable: The great thing about marketing leaflets is that once you’ve created the design, all you need to do is print some more when necessary. That means whenever you go to a new event or meet new potential customers, you can bring them with you and offer them to your target audience. 

The cons of marketing leaflets  

Can be costly: Marketing leaflets don’t come cheap. Before you even start considering print costs, you need to get the content created and the leaflet designed.  Print costs will be affected by the number of leaflets (it gets cheaper per leaflet the more you print) and the quality of your paper and finishes.  Then, if you’re looking to post them, the cost of packaging and posting can be considerable. Make sure it’s something you will get the most out of before investing.

Time consuming: If the costs of professional content creation and graphic design are deterring you, you could try and do these yourselves.  However, not only is this time consuming, you need to think about the implications for your brand and reputation if you don’t do a great job.  If you’re a brilliant accountant, lawyer, plumber or window cleaner, it doesn’t follow that you’re a great content creator or designer (in fact, it’s highly unlikely that you are).  Doing a poor job could undermine the credibility you have worked hard to achieve. 

Can be seen as junk: If you’re looking to deliver your leaflets, you’ll come up against quite a few other companies doing the same thing. Most people might glance at your leaflet and consider it to be junk or just another sales pitch. To combat this, make sure it’s colourful and will catch your potential customer’s eye, with key messaging front and back so readers understand what it’s about if it lands upside down on their door mat. Also make sure you’ve done your research to secure households that are in your target audience. 

Hopefully you’re close to understanding whether marketing leaflets are the right fit for promoting your brand. If there are other channels you are interested in exploring, make sure to read our previous marketing channels blogs:

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Siobhan Stirling is the director of Sharp Minds Communications, which provides strategic marketing communications for small- and medium-sized business across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.  A published author, former BBC presenter, reporter and producer and writer for national newspapers and magazines, Siobhan has a background in public relations.