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Ten years at Capital Business Centre!

Ten years at Capital Business Centre!
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Ten years at Capital Business Centre!
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

If you want to get ahead of the competition, quality can be what makes you a winner. Family run business – and customer at our Capital Business Centre in Croydon – Doors Sincerely stand out to their customers for offering great quality wardrobe and kitchen-unit doors at reasonable prices.  We’re delighted that they have recently marked their 10-year milestone as a CapitalSpace customer.

Keeley Hannant, owner of Doors Sincerely, originally worked with her dad, but decided 10 years ago to take over the company and operate it independently. The company sells kitchen and bedroom doors all over the country and provides a design service to create tailor-made cabinetry: ‘Quality is at the heart of the products that we supply, everything that we offer is sourced from industry leading suppliers within the furniture components sector who work with quality control at the forefront of their manufacturing processes. We supply to both homeowners and trade professionals alike, and with no minimum order requirement we can fulfil orders of any size,

big or small.’ 

Why CapitalSpace  

Keeley needed somewhere that would satisfy her business needs and a place that would be easily accessible for both her and her customers: 'I wanted somewhere where customers could come in and have a look. I also lived just round the corner. I came in and looked around and it was exactly what I wanted.' 

Keeley started off in a one-person unit but has moved to 5 different onsite offices over the course of a decade, including taking on one additional staff member:  'I started in the recession. We had to cut our overheads and I moved into a unit in 'the village', which was big enough for a phone and a desk. It was tough, but then business came back. One of the main reasons I have stayed is that the centre has given me the scope to expand. The girls on reception are also very supportive when it comes to maintenance and computer problems and it's a nice environment for customers to visit. I looked at other facilities in the local area, but the standards are not up to this centre.' 

Keeley takes advantage of our business support services such as meeting room hire, franking and confidential document shredding services, which she describes as a 'bonus'. She added: 'I don't have to go outside to source these services, which cuts down on cost. I would definitely recommend CapitalSpace. If you want to set up a company, everything is there for you and there is always somebody who is able to assist.’ 

It’s lovely that Keeley has enjoyed our business accommodation so much over the last ten years with us and we look forward to what’s to come.  

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