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Flexible office accommodation supports business expansion

Flexible office accommodation supports business expansion
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Flexible office accommodation supports business expansion
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

How big should your office be? Our easy-in, easy-out terms enable you to scale up as your business grows. It’s something that many of our customers take advantage of, including Stonegrove Refrigeration, based at St George’s Business Park in Sittingbourne.  But with definite plans to keep expanding, they also took the plunge of moving into one of our biggest units, so they didn’t have to keep up-scaling.  We love a company with confidence, so we’ve been finding out the factors behind their ongoing success.

Keeping it cool  

Stonegrove Refrigeration are a national refrigeration and air conditioning company who design, install, service and maintain large industrial and commercial refrigeration plants, smaller commercial systems and air conditioning systems. Managing Director Dan Cashmore said: ‘I started in the industry as an apprentice aged 20 installing, servicing and maintaining air conditioners and refrigeration systems. 

‘We are different from our competition as most of our main competitors are large multinational companies; we have the know-how and capabilities to compete and contract on high-value projects more competitively due to lower overheads. Our success is as much a testament to good staff as it is to good management – one can’t work without the other.’ 

Growing with CapitalSpace  

Stonegrove moved into CapitalSpace’s St George’s Business Park around 2007: ‘It was our third move in the five years since we started in 2002.  We chose CapitalSpace as the business accommodation was well presented, we liked the easy-in, easy-out terms and the opportunity of up-scaling to a bigger office as we were growing quite steadily, as well as the adequate parking, secure premises and the bonus of a cafe on site. 

‘We have the ability to expand and adapt the office to facilitate further employees if and when required. In around 2011 we up-scaled to one of the largest units on site when it became vacant; this has given us the scope to further expand without the worry of requiring additional moves. Further expansion would naturally involve smaller regional offices elsewhere in the country.’ 

Expanding in the market  

As Stonegrove looks to the future, they have the aspiration to grow in the market: ‘Our vision for the business over the next five years is to create a greater market share within the industrial refrigeration service, maintenance and contracting and installation sector. Maintenance contracts are of significant importance to us as they are awarded for one to five years and therefore create a sustained and regular cashflow to cover overheads. Projects, whilst potentially profitable and very much needed, are not guaranteed, therefore are not so good for managing the steady growth and security of the business. Our CapitalSpace office now allows for any growth or adaptions required for future growth. 

“If we are still here as a company in 15 years’ time, then that’s a success in itself. It’s not all about the money, we are not on this planet long, so you have to try and enjoy work a little as well. Many competitors (some very large) in our industry have suffered and failed in recent tough times, so just steady or stable growth from here would be great.’ 

Stonegrove’s story is obviously one of success and it’s great to see they are enjoying our business accommodation whilst they plan to grow in the future.   

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