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The sweet smell of success

The sweet smell of success
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The sweet smell of success
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Many businesses are starting to do more to be eco-friendly, but a company that was ahead of the game is customer Flettner Ventilator, based at our Milton Keynes Business Centre, who supply wind-powered roof ventilators, used widely in the vehicle and construction trades.

Creating clean air  

For over 80 years, Flettner have supplied-wind powered roof ventilators to vehicle manufacturers and converters and the building industry. Bliss Laurence, sales and marketing executive, said: ‘Fleet operators and commercial vehicle owners across the globe have chosen our products because of their durability and quality. However, they aren’t just used for vans; our wind-powered ventilators are also used in a wide range of other applications, including horseboxes and trailers, portable buildings, caravans and motorhomes. Our ventilators extract any fumes, excess heat and generally provide a lot cleaner air for whatever they’re fitted to.’ 

Setting up a base  

Flettner was looking for somewhere to call home and needed good location and facilities: ‘The location of Milton Keynes Business Centre was really good when we were looking, and the staff have been great ever since. They’re great offices and are always really clean. It’s also nice that the team sometimes hold special events like a buffet we had last Christmas, which everyone at the centre was invited to. It’s also really nice to meet people in the corridor and have a chat in the kitchen.’ 

Showing off their products  

Flettner sell their products across the globe and are always securing their presence in other countries: ‘We do a lot of trade shows and exhibitions which we get quite a lot of traction from. We’ve been to some all over the world, such as in America and a lot of Europe. It’s great to be able to show the quality of our products in person so people can get a feel for what they really are. We’re really focused on proving the longevity and eco-friendly side of our product, and that’s something people pick up on.’ 

You may not have heard of Flettner, but the chances are the air you breathe has been a made a bit sweeter by them.  If you look up on a building and see a ventilation stack, it may well be a Flettner product.  Good to know they are helping us all to breathe easy!  

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