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Growing into an office

Growing into an office
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Growing into an office
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Making the decision to move to a new office can be daunting and finding the right place isn’t an easy process. For customer Utility Click, based at our Churchill Square Business Centre in Kings Hill, CapitalSpace was the obvious choice.

Starting from home  

Utility Click was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs with a combined 25 years of experience within the energy industry and a common vision to provide an innovative and intuitive CRM & procurement software for energy brokers, to bring transparency and value to the utilities industry. Co-founder Andy Hunter was looking for a place that would fit their business needs: ‘When starting a software company, resources are always extremely precious, and with this in mind we were entirely home-based with no office space. This worked very well for us as we kept costs low and could spend more time on developing our product, rather than commuting to an office. 

‘As the customer base grew, it became clear that we would need to start building a team for business management purposes and that we would need office space to enable us to do this. We approached Churchill Square Business Centre and it became obvious to us early on that the office space they offer would best suit us.’ 

Help from the team  

Utility Click were drawn in by CapitalSpace’s flexible terms and competitive prices, but also found the team very helpful: ‘The CapitalSpace team were extremely understanding with our requirements. Moving into the office was straight forward and we received excellent support. Furthermore, I’m pleased to announce that since moving into the office space we have won more customers and the business is continuing to grow. 

‘We believe it won’t be long before we will need larger office space, something we know Churchill Square Business Centre will help us with. I would recommend any small business to utilise the services offered by Churchill Square Business Centre, as it provides the perfect platform to build your team, solidify your offering and push ahead.’   

It’s always nice when we hear customers talk about how much they have enjoyed being at our centres and we love growing with them - just like Utility Click at Churchill Square Business Centre.  

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