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Why we love running business centres for growing companies

Why we love running business centres for growing companies
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Why we love running business centres for growing companies
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

What gets you out of bed in the morning? It’s a good question. To pay the bills, obviously, but that’s not what makes you leap out of bed, raring to face the day. We all need a strong ‘why’ to motivate us, so we’ve been asking the Capital Space staff why they do their jobs.  There are common themes, with job variety and giving great customer service being key motivators.

Variety of businesses and individuals

‘There is such a variety of different businesses and individuals on site that no day is the same.  I like the feel of the centre and the team.  I joined as the Deputy Manager at Croydon and have stayed in this role [until recently being promoted to Centre manager] as it suits my needs and is varied enough to still be interesting, even after so long.’

Maria Malone, Centre Manager, Capital Business Centre in Croydon – a member of the Capital Space team for more than 11 years

Learning every day

‘I am working with a brilliant team at Capital Space. Every day is different and I am learning all the time. For me, it's brilliant...I like to test my brain cells!'

Sharon Dodson, Centre Manager of Capital Business Centre in Chelmsford

Passionate about our customers

‘One of the nice things is the unpredictability of the role as you always have to be able to deal with unplanned day-to-day issues that may arise – we have had the occasional plumbing and/or electrical issue in the centre, and when this happens you just have to roll up your sleeves and get on with them.  But by far the best thing about my job is the people.  Being a part of the team at Croydon is great – we have a great rapport and the banter is good, we all get on and everyone is as passionate as each other about the centre and the customers.’

Mark Halsey, Handyman, Capital Business Centre in Croydon

Customer service emphasis

Capital Space stands out within the industry for its emphasis on customer service and passion for the product.  I love being given the tools and support to offer a great customer service, along with working with a great team of people where everyone is treated as an individual.’

Lorraine Lee, Greenway Business Centre Manager – a member of the Capital Space team for 15 years

Supporting customer success

‘I enjoy learning about our business centre customers and how we can help support their success. I also enjoy working with the team, whilst looking to help the site continue to improve its standards, services and position as a market leader in Milton Keynes.’

Matt Roberts, Centre Manager, Milton Keynes Business Centre

The Capital Space team is often what attracts our customers – and definitely what encourages them to stay with us. With their enthusiasm for their jobs – especially supporting our customers’ success – it’s easy to see why.


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