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From small beginnings to national ambitions

Business growth by keeping ahead of the trends
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Business growth by keeping ahead of the trends

As most entrepreneurs know, being ahead of the game is the key to success – something that our customer of Churchill Square Business centre in Kings Hill, MDT Cosmetics founder, Kristina Wakem seems to have a knack for.

First steps

It was 10 years ago when Kristina, a 20-year-old recruitment consultant, decided to pursue her dreams. “I have always been one step ahead of the trend”, she said. “I was one of the top five performing consultants in the company nationally, but I had a hunger to work for myself in something I had a passion for, which was the cosmetics industry.”

Whilst working full time, Kristina trained in what was then an up-and-coming treatment known as semi-permanent eyelashes, subsequently building up clients at evenings and weekends by offering cut-price lashes.  “I made 13p on each set of lashes after costs, but I got 100 new clients, 40% of whom are still with me today. It was the best decision I ever made because it gave me a stepping stone,” she explained.

Growing personal and business life

Kristina grasped the opportunity to rent space in a Maidstone salon before moving her business to the spare room of her home in Kings Hill. When she gave birth to her daughter, Lorena, in 2014, she juggled life as a new mum with her growing venture. 

With her talent for spotting trends, Kristina predicted that the growing popularity for semi-permanent makeup and medical micro-pigmentation in America and Europe would take off in the UK. She decided to train in the procedure and other advanced beauty techniques such as microblading, with the money earned from applying eyelashes.

A new location

The gamble paid off and her business rocketed. The next step was finding more suitable work premises due to the increasingly clinical nature of her services.

“A high-street location would usually be the first choice for businesses like ours, but knowing that our clients appreciate a private and secure location, we decided to move to Churchill Square Business Centre,” she said.

National ambitions

Today, Kristina is a leader in micro-pigmentation, and with a six strong-team at MDT Cosmetics, also provides treatments in aesthetics, laser and body sculpting services.

Kristina said: “We have been told by clients that our treatments have ‘changed their lives’. What we do with semi-permanent lashes and makeup enables women to feel beautiful every day. From cancer survivors to mums on a school run, we give the gift of confidence and that is so rewarding.”

Now trained to master level, the industry’s gold standard in training, Kristina’s ambitions are to launch her own training facilities and products: “The aim is to develop MDT as a nationally recognised brand in services, training and products.”

MDT Cosmetics have shown the value of spotting future trends and how preparing yourself for them, including making calculated investments, can be an excellent strategy to propel your business forwards.

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